An Invitation To Take All 3 Of Her Holes!

I been watchin this pretty white bitch all week. She's fine AF. Looks like a supermodel in the face. With a big fat giant ass behind her. It looks so invitating...I bet it's soft...

She can't see me. But I can see her. Walking around all day. Showing off for me with her slutty outfits. Nasty whore. Why else would she leave her windows open? She wants me to see. It's an invitation.

I've passed by her a couple times this week. Close enough to smell her perfume. And each time...she's given me a look...of curiosity. Of recognition. I told you. It's an invitation.

Today as I was watching her come home...wearing the shortest, tightest booty shorts...she left her door unlocked. And then she looked out the window. Straight into my eyes. Its an invitation.

And I'm going to take it.


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