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Melody Parker Knows Wat She's Doin...

Melody always wears the cutest stuff when she come thru. She really know how to show off her...assets.

She kno I luv to watch that ass bounce and jiggle while she walking around. So what does she do? Keep shakin it and twerkin it, while lookin at me with them pretty blue eyes...

Does she kno that she makin my dick hard? Of course she do. She's BBC only👊🏿 She kno wat we like.

She knows what she did too, shakin her ass like that. She made this dick grow. And a hard fat black dick & swollen black balls filled with nut need to be drained by a pretty white slut.

Good thing Miss Parker kno wat she doin😏

Date Added: November 30, 2021


49 min of video

Fast Forward To The Dick Draining!

A pretty lil snowbunny with a wet mouth. And A horny niqqa with a fat black dick.

With that already know whats gonna happen.

Lots and lots of dickdraining! And you can tell this sexy bitch is down for the cause cuz she ate all this meat up!

Made me nut soooooooooo hard. Had cream spraying EVERYWHERE.


Date Added: November 24, 2021


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I Got A Barely Legal Asian Head Monster On Speed Dial...

Life's better when it's not complicated. Nobody likes jumpin thru hoops and doing going thru overly complicated processes.

Sumtimes you just wanna get straight to the point. Sometimes you just wanna put your dick in a pretty bitch without no drama.

Lina is a pretty bitch I know. A pretty barely legal 19 year old petite Asian bitch to be exact. Sound like somebody you would wanna put your dick in, right? DEFINITELY.

Hit her up. Told her I was coming thru. And that's all the info this bitch needed.

I said she was 19 right? You won't believe it from the way she suck dick. Lil girl got hella skill.

That pussy tho? THAT feel like its sum 19 year old pussy. Wet and tight AF. Almost nutted in this bitch hella times.

Had to hold on tho. Cuz sum A1 mouth like hers NEED to get nutted in. Over and over again.

Ima call her again soon.


Date Added: November 15, 2021


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Caught A Bunny & Fuqd Her Asshole!

You always know what to expect when you get home...right?

Everything could be normal. That's what usually happens.

Or...things could not be normal. Things could be very...very bad.

Date Added: November 9, 2021


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Don't Leave Your BIG TITTY Wife Alone Tonight...

Mya's been happily married for a while now. Her and her husband are practically inseparable. She even goes on his out of town business trips with him.

This particular trip was to a new city that the 2 of them hadn't been before. They only figured out once they got there that the "hotel" the company had booked for them was in a neighborhood that was...not so nice.

But it's a quick trip. Her husband would be working a long day-from morning to evening-but they're going to have dinner at a nice restaurant in a better part of town. No harm done.


You see...Mya doesn't know but...somebody's been watching her ever since she arrived at the hotel. Because Mya has some BIG ASS TITTIES. 38H. And those BIG ASS TITTIES caught the attention of Branden. Branden really likes BIG ASS TITTIES. He likes to touch them, rub them...see them bounce while he fucks their owner's face.

And with Mya all alone waiting such a long time to eat...why not keep her occupied with some thick black meat?


Date Added: October 31, 2021


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I Brought Her Here To Explore Pain...




When those dark impulses come out...they can't be put away.

They have to be satiated. That hunger satisfied. That burning, blazing fire of desire....quelled.

No matter what you have to do. No matter who you have to hurt.

The demon must be tamed. Whatever the price.

She will remember the pain. She will hear the. echo of her cries..her screams of every sick, twisted promise I make to her as I defile her.

And she's going to like it. Every slap. Every thrust. Every drop. Pain is on her schedule for the foreseeable future.

Date Added: October 25, 2021


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Always Need Sum Late Night Sloppy Head!

Ya'll know what be happening late at night. Can't sleep. Nothing on TV. Bored as hell. And then you start thinking...

For me, them late night thoughts always lead to one place. Gettin my dick sucked. And ain't many better at suckin my dick than this bitch.

Mouth wet as hell, Throat deep as fuck, her lips, her tongue her hand work...everything on point. This bitch can suck dick.

This the type of bitch you need to call late at night when you get them thoughts...czu she will drain the fuck out your dick and put you straight to bed.

Date Added: October 22, 2021


56 min of video

Lana's Sloppy, Gaping Hole Stretching Nightmare!

Ever since the month started, its been happening again. The dreams. They always start the same. Total blackness. The darkness is everywhere. So deep. It touches everything.

And then the bumpiness. The shaking. The feeling of being thrown around. The feeling of pain. Of stretching. Of pounding. Pain...and pleasure.

Its become so frequent, so intense that Lana's started seeing a psychiatrist that her neighbor recommended. The psychiatrist, Dr. Richards stays close by. And he immediately makes Lana feel comfortable. There's something about him that seems so....familiar. Lana wants to open up to him immediately.

And she will. In many ways. The dreams she's been having of the blackness...the stretching...the pounding...THE PAIN. It's not just a dream. It's a premonition. And its about to happen. Dr. Richards is about to violate his patient's asshole with his fat black dick. He's gonna stretch it out and pound it down. And while her pussy is safe.....hes gonna do some fuqd up things to her throat.

It's about to be a long night.


Date Added: October 13, 2021


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You Should've Locked Your Door Lil Girl...

It's that time of year again. The time when the nights get blacker. When dark desires are stirred. When wickedness is unleashed. Bad things happen during this time of year. Very bad things.

Zerella doesn't know any of this. All she cares about is her friends and her phone. And right now she has to charge her phone & go to sleep so she can hang out with her friends tomorrow. Fun stuff is on her mind. Right now.

Fun stuff is on his mind too. Who is he? He's a man who loves this time of year. A man with some twisted desires. A man who loves to pretty lil sluts like Zerella. A man who is in her house right now.

He's been watching. Watching and waiting for quite some time. But it's that time of year. And the time to wait is over. The time for satisfying his urges is now.

Zerella thinks she's safe. She's about to find out how wrong she is.


Date Added: October 3, 2021


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Slutty Messy Tutor Teaches His Black Ass To Stay Out Of Trouble!

Ziggy loves college. It's been the best time of her life these last couple of years. Lots of new knowledge, lots of new friends, lots of new experiences...

The experiences that have changed Ziggy the most though? Getting her holes stuffed with big black dick daily. Yes, ever since Ziggy came to college and started working with the mostly black athletes her school recruits, she's turned into a black cock whore. She's been throating monster cocks, getting ass fucked by donkey dicks and slurping the sweat out of dirty assholes ever since freshman year. If being a slut for black men were a degree, she would be graduating with high honors.

Speaking of graduating, thats something that Branden needs to do, and he's not going to be able to if he doesn't start getting some better grades. Hell, he's not gonna be able to play in the next game if he doesn't pass his next exam. And when the basketball team's advisors really need a player to do better ASAP, they send Ziggy. The athletes just respond well to her for some reason.

Ziggy's seen Branden on the court before and seen some articles about him. He came from a troubled background but fought through the adversity to make it to this university. He's also very good player and very important to the team. He's also good looking...and she knows he has a BBC. She has a 6th sense for these things by now. But even though Ziggy wants to deepthroat his fat black cock and feel it deep in her pussy...she also knows that his exam is very, very important. If Branden doesn't pass, then he can't play. Ziggy's focused.

She shows up at the assigned time and walks in (he said he was going to leave the door open for her). As she's unpacking her stuff, Ziggy notices something in Branden's spot. It's a mask. A ski mask. Like the one she's been seeing on the news when they talk about the robbery incidents that have been going on.....


Date Added: September 27, 2021


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Bratty Behavior Must Be Corrected!

Its always nice to have a pretty lil snowbunny like Natalia around. Natalia is definitely fun to look at...just a beautiful lil Snowbunny. Pretty blue eyes, beautiful blonde hair...soft milky skin...and a fat juicy bubble white booty. Perfect lil bitch right?

Sure....if you like bitches that talk back, throw tantrums and whine all the time. Cuz that's what you'll get with Natalia. She's a brat with a capital B. 

And today, the bratscapades are particularly obnoxious. I don't know what's gotten into her today, but she bein EXTRA bratty. Talking loud AF on the phone, messing up stuff, slamming doors, just bein obnoxious AF. She startin to get on my nerves with this lil attitude she got. Now I know how she is so she gets a warning at first. But this lil bratty bitch would not calm down. I hear a loud ass crash and next thing I know, I come out and the tv is broken. This lil bratty bitch threw a tantrum and broke my fuqn tv. On the night of the game I been looking forward to ever since BEFORE the season started.

This stupid lil bitch. Fuckin spoiled brat. I been too nice to this slut. Nah. Thats over with. Tonight? This pretty lil bratty bitch gets PUNISHED. 


Date Added: September 21, 2021


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Use Her Face However You Want...

Hooked up with wet mouth Lexy Bandera and we got nasty of course.

This bitch always come thru with the sloppy stuff. Just how I like it.

She got her mouth hella wet for me so I thanked her by letting her taste my dirty asshole. It wasn't dirty when she was done with it. Just very, very wet and slimy.

Like I said...I like wet and slimy shii. So I couldn't hold back. Busted a phat ass nut in her mouth. That seemed to energize this bitch tho cuz she kept goin. Straight up kept devouring my meat.


Date Added: September 16, 2021


39 min of video

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