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3 Cheers And Hella Screams For BBC🏀

It's been a crazy couple of weeks with this basketball tournament going on and since Isabel is on the cheer team, she's been busy too!

Her school's back in the tournament for the first time in a while and they're makin the most of it by winning games!

But the more the team keeps winning, the more pressure that Isabel and the rest of the cheer squad feel too. A lot of athletes feed off the crowd and it's the cheer team's job to keep the crowd hype and engaged. And part of doing that is coming up with cool and exciting cheers!

So Isabel's been practicing before school, during school and especially after school, well into the night. She's got to get those cheers right.

Unfortunately, with Isabel practicing, jumping around with all that ass late at night, some of her neighbors call security.

Branden's been on duty all day. Nothin to do at work but watch porn so he's kinda horny when he gets the call about a noise complaint.

Branden's gonna get hornier and his BBC is gonna get harder when he see's exactly who is makin all that noise and how much ass she got.

Date Added: March 26, 2023


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My Roomate Nasty Asl🤢

I swear I hate having a roommate bruh.

Been livin wit this bitch Natalie and this bitch got the rite name cuz Nat is just nasty AF.

She messy asl. Just be leaving her shii out all over the place. Slime everywhere round here I swear.

And she inconsiderate AF. I spent $100 on this fancy ass meal to eat durin this show I fuq wit.

And this bitch ate my shii. All of it.

I’m swear Ima fuq this bitch up when I see her.

Date Added: March 21, 2023


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Pretty Big Booty Dreams✨

Been working hard lately👷🏿‍♂️ Long days, long hours🕐...I'm tired AFFFF when I get home. Barely got time to do anything but eat.

That's prolly why I been havin these crazy ass dreams as soon as I get in the bed😵‍💫

Vivid, realistic AF too🤪 I love it. Cuz I feel everything in my dreams. And lately, prolly cuz I been horny and smokin...I been dreamin about big booty white bitches🍑

PRETTY ASS big booty white bitches too😍 With pretty pink lips💋...pretty pink wet pussies💦

This why I always make sure I get my 8 hours of sleep every night😇


Date Added: March 13, 2023


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Gotta Clean This Racist Maid Mouth & Pussy Wit BBC🤬✊🏿


Lee is so sick of her job. She got arrested one time-NOT her fault by the way. She saw some thugs in the neighborhood and called the cops after they wouldn't leave. And when the cops got there they arrested HER for pepper spraying one of the thugs when he got too close. Long story service.

Community service means cleaning up dirty houses. Not just dirty houses...but dirty houses for black people. The judge thought it was funny. Lee not so much. She's had enough of being around thugs.

Today's job is no different from the rest of them. Just a nasty house. Weed everywhere. Probably guns. Lee knows. She watches Fox News.

What Lee doesn't know is that while she was talking shii out loud about "those people" one of them is in the house with her. And he's heard every word she said.

Date Added: February 28, 2023


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  • Lee

I've Got A Date With His Wife's Asshole💞

What's the secret to keeping your marriage happy? Lots of dates! That's why Rebel and her husband always go out every week!

Going out every week is great and all...but when you do something like clockwork...other people mite notice.

And someone definitely noticed Rebel walking around in those tight dresses every week. With those pretty eyes and big ass titties...they make Branden's hard thick BBC swell up every time.

It's been so long since he had sum ass. Too long. Branden can't wait any longer.

Branden knows Rebel's married. But he's gonna make sure her husband won't mind. Cuz tonight, Rebel's ass is gonna go on a date with Branden and every inch of his big black dick!

Date Added: February 26, 2023


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Not The Interview This Busty Student Was Expecting😈

Mayara keeps hearing how the economy is getting better but she's not feeling it.

As a young college student it's actually kind of hard finding work without a degree.

Her friend keeps joking that she should open an onlyfans but Mayara isn't sure that's a good idea for her, so she kept looking for hours and hours each day.

And thankfully, all that looking for a job with a great salary in her field is paying off.

There's a guy named Branden who owns this company that's hiring and he just called Mayara for an interview! Branden had her originally scheduled for next week but after she sent him her socials for the company to check, he asked her to come in earlier. A good thing right?

Fingers crossed, Maya gets ready to knock on the door....

Date Added: February 23, 2023


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Dreamin' About Stretchin' Her Tight Lil' Holes✨...

Mini doesn't know what it is. But she's been up all nite. It's been impossible to get sum shut eye. And it's really fuqn irritating.

She was up all night watching dumb movies and talking on the phone. Didn't get tired. They just helped her realize she needs to cancel her Internetflix account.

But now its daytime and she STILL can't go to bed.

Talking on the phone doesn't help. Reading doesn't help.

Maybe television again? A different app mite work?

Could be the app or her lil body finally tiring out, but Mini's eyes finally shut and she falls asleep.

Good thing too. Cuz now she doesn't know if she's dreaming....or if a masked man really came in her room....

Date Added: February 13, 2023


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She 18 Now🍭...That Means She Ready For BBC✊🏿

The weekend is rite around the corner and Tiana is ready to turn up🥳 She's been going out soooooo much ever since she turned 18....

Even better, this weekend her parents aren't home. Which means Tiana can stay out as long as she wants😈

Theres just one problem though. Tiana lost her ID. And without her ID, there's no way Tiana can get into the club. No one's gonna believe her if she says she's 18🍭

Tiana DID order a new one and it's supposed to be here today but it still hasn't arrived and Tiana is getting worried😰

She should be worried😈 Not about the ID tho. That's on its way to her spot right now. But the man bringing it up, the security guard, Branden...that's who she should be worried about🥷

Because Branden has...urges🥵😈....and those urges get worse when he sees pretty lil girls like Tiana😈😈 With her tight smooth teenage body👸🏻So pretty...Branden just wants to hold her...caress her...shove his black diq past her soft lips and down her throat💦

Branden knows her 18 year old pussy is gonna be sweet; there's no flavor like it. He can't wait to taste it...get it ready...get her ready for her 1st time....

She doesn't know it yet but Tiana's got a very special delivery🎁 It's a good thing she's already 18🍭


Date Added: February 2, 2023


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