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School Just Started But There's A Test On BBC Today😈

I can't believe they got us back in this boring ass school already! School JUST got out a few months ago and now we gotta go back??? Bullshii. I miss all that virtual stuff where I could just stay home. But nah, we got real school again. Yay.

And because we got real school, that mean we got real work to do. After the 2nd day of class this bitch ass teacher Miss Newton talmbout "Lets see wat you learned this summer!" Bitch I sure as hell ain't learn about The Era of Good Fuqn Feelings that's for sure.

But because I'm on the basketball team and because I fuqd up last year (as my tutor Tristan keep reminding me) every test for the next few months is extra important cuz I got to maintain my eligibility. If I fail another test, I gotta sit out, everybody gon be on my head, team prolly gonna lose the next game, all that whack shii. So yay. Time to study.

But even though we got to study, this lil tutor girl Tristan (who cute AF ngl) aint really makin this study shii fun. Niqqas watch National Geographical and Discovery and be hooked for hours binging that shii. Learning can be fun.

I'm not even gon hold u. Wat I REALLY wanna learn about is how tight Tristan pussy is. She always be actin all serious and studious cuz she got a 4.6 or whatever GPA. But u kno wat I think? I think she a freak. I already peeped she not wearin no panties. Niqqa observant!

I seen the lil white boy she talkin too and I already kno he not thrashin her shii like it need to be. Prolly why she always got a attitude to begin wit. That's why i think lil Miss Tristan need to study sumthin too. She need to study this black diq. Cuz it's bout to be a test on how much of my meat I can fit up in this pretty lil metal mouth white bitch. Hope she pass.

Date Added: September 1, 2022


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Stacked Blonde PAWG Fuqs The Repairman!

Kate loves to travel. South America, Europe, Asia...she's been all over. This week she's got yet another fun trip planned with her (also hot) friend Jamie. They're going to get into all sorts of trouble!

As an expert traveler, Kate's bags are packed and she's all ready to go hours before her flight.

Just one problem though. Her fridge decided to go on the fritz right before she's supposed to leave. And now Kate has to wait and hope that the repair man gets to her before her flight.

It's her lucky day though. Branden, the repair man on duty does make it to her spot. And he's happy he did.

Remember that part about how Kate's all ready to go? Well she is extra ready cuz Kate's dressed for the beach! Booty shorts wit her big ass out, HUGE MILKY TITTIES bouncing in a tiny lil phat ass white girl! Branden gettin EXTRA horny lookin at this sexy bitch!

It's a good thing Kate's already packed...cuz there's sumthin else she gotta do before her flight: ride BIG BLACK DICK!

Date Added: August 24, 2022


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Ziggy's Under Arrest for Eating Too Much Ass & BBC!

Ziggy's got a lot on her mind. So many racing thoughts about sizes...colors...just a lot!

Ziggy's so preoccupied that after finishing her beverage at the hotel bar, she doesn't even pay her bill! She just...walks out.

Thankfully, her crime doesn't go unnoticed.

There's somebody watching her. An officer hired by the bar to stop people just like Ziggy.

But when the officer catches up to Ziggy...he finds out exactly whats on Ziggy's mind...and its something that he can help her out with!

Date Added: August 16, 2022


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Mia's BBC Throat Training Day!🥺

Mia Kay's been a good girl all week! All her chores done on time, cleaning up her room, no bratty episodes...she's been a lil angel!

So today she gets a very special reward for lunch: BBC! Her favorite!

And it gets even better. Mia gets to have some black ass too! But on one condition: once she starts eating BBC...she has to keep eating it (and the ass) until she's told to stop. No matter how deep it goes. No matter how much is crammed into her pretty lil mouth.

Good thing Mia loves chocolate.


Date Added: August 6, 2022


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Pretty Asian Teen Needs Help Getting Into College!

Gia's been having so many problems in school lately. Falling grades, distracted attention...its's so unlike her when she's always been such a good student.

Mr. Richards, her assistant principal, is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. He’s always had a soft spot for Gia ever since she started school here. He feels the need to help Gia out…

And when Mr. Richards finds out that Gias parents are consistently out of town, leaving their pretty young daughter all alone, he’s even more determined to help.

See Mr. Richards has always been….drawn to his pretty young student Gia. He thinks about her a lot…especially about how pretty she would look deepthroating his fat, thick BBC. After all, with her parents not home, who’s gonna be there to make sure Gia stays out of trouble?


Date Added: July 31, 2022


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Lost Deep Inside Her Asshole🔪

Keira doesn't know how she got here. One minute she's in her bed. The next minute she's in the dark.

And she knows that she's not alone.

There's someone there. Someone who wants to do things to Keira. Bad things.

But there is one small measure of comfort Keira can take solace in. Her pussy is safe. The maniac just wants her asshole....


Date Added: July 27, 2022


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Show Me Wat That Dragon Throat Do!🐉

If u lucky you know a bunch of pretty girls.

If you really lucky you know pretty girls who like to suck diq.

Zerella Skies is a pretty girl who like to suq dick. She even got some special shii she learned called the dragon throat.

TF is a dragon throat???

I learned this day🤯

Learning is fun AF.


Date Added: July 9, 2022


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Huge 36I Titties Are On A Special BBC & Ass Diet!

Wats better than titties? BIG ASS TITTIES. Phat. Soft. Juicy. And BIG AF.

How big is BIG AF? 36-I🤯🤯🤯🤯 That's a whole lot of titties.

U gotta eat a special diet when the titties that big. Issa requirement.

Simple diet tho: sweaty black ass. And big black diq.

Good thing her mouth wet.


Date Added: June 30, 2022


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