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Big Tit Schoolgirl Does ANYTHING You Want!

It's that time of year where everybody and they momma are out there tryna buy the latest and hottest video games and video game consoles! The consoles sold out in most stores but thankfully I preordered mines a while ago which means I'm ready to play all these new titles! I don't know how these video games keep gettin better and better but they do! Realistic FFFF!

There's this one company who I bought a game from before called Fapcom. They make some fire games with hella codes & unlockables. There's this forum I go to that details everything u need to do to get the most out of every game they make. And they always make games with REALLY sexy girls.

This latest one is a fighting game. And one of the best characters is this girl named Skylar Vox. She can do all sorts of crazy combos. She definitely got skill.

And she sexy AF. Got the purple hair, face made up. She fights in this Japanese school girl uniform that can barely contain her giant fuckin titties.

I play with her all the time. I like seeing her jumping up and down....doing flips and all that cuz them titties be moving too.

Now in EVERY Fapcom game, after u beat the game with every character, unlock every costume, find every secret item, now can get the ability to put in a code where u can bring certain characters out the game and directly to you...and since you own the game and got the controller...u can control HER.

Took forever, but I think i finally figured out the final code to put in. Moment of truth. If this work...I'm bout to do some bad things to this bitch...


Date Added: December 15, 2020


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Arabic Camgirl Gets An Unexpected Tip While Streaming Live!

It can be really lonely for a lot of guys during this time of year, especially with everything going on. But that means its a great time for girl's like Mona!

You see, Mona is a Cam Girl. Every night she gets online to talk and perform for her many fans. And they love her. Her room's always packed.

Today's no different. It's a full house and the fans are eager to tip. And Mona, wearing a sexy black & white outfit one of her fans sent her, gets ready to put on a show.

But...had Mona not been so busy getting ready for her show...she would have noticed the urgent breaking news alert.

You see...there's someone on the loose. A psycho with an insatiable appetite. And he's in her neighborhood. As a matter of fact...he's right down the street. Getting closer...and closer...looking in windows...seeing who's home alone. Seeing what pretty girls are in need of love and affection.

Mona's fans are in for a treat. They're about to get a very special live show....


Date Added: December 7, 2020


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Don't Leave Your Unhappy Girlfriend Around Him...

Leah's been dating Carson for about 8 months now and to say its NOT going great would be an understatement. It wasn't like that at first. In the beginning, the relationship was going great. They always do. But then Carson got comfortable and you know what happens when guys get comfortable: his true personality came out!

Carson is everything a girl doesn't want in a boyfriend: rude, lazy, cheap, annoying, forgetful, dumb...the list goes on and on. Its hard for Leah to think of a reason why she's still with him. He's a good cuddler? That is when he's not farting in his sleep.

But Leah, ever the optimist, believes she can turn this relationship around. That's why she pushed and pushed for Carson to be ready for their date tonight. Carson said that he had a Lacrosse game but would be on time. Well Leah just got to the apartment where Carson and his roommate live and guess what time it is (date time) and guess who isn't here (Carson).

Carson texts Leah, letting her know he's going to be late (even though he promised he would be on time) and Leah's exasperation is much so that Carson's roommate, B, notices. And even he knows what's pissing her off. Carson! It's always Carson! It never stops with him. He irritates everybody!

Turns out that Carson's roommate is on the Carson hate train too. B says that Carson is messy and doesn't pay his rent, which prompts Leah to start complaining about Carson again...which gives Leah a naughty idea....


Date Added: November 30, 2020


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Helping Out When Her Husband's Not Home...

Penny's husband Jerry is a hard worker and his salary is pretty nice...but he's also insecure, meek, annoying and completely oblivious to things around him....namely his hot wife!

Penny has been trying for the past week to spice things up with Jerry, who hasn't had sex with her in months! But its always something with Jerry. "Oh I'm too tired!" "Oh I have to finish this project!" "Oh my head hurts!" It's ALWAYS something with Jerry.

It briefly crossed Penny's mind that Jerry is cheating but she had to laugh at that thought herself. Jerry? Playing the field? Never. She's convinced she's the only person on earth who'd fuck Jerry. But...Jerry definitely isn't the only person on earth who'd fuck Penny.

Penny is blessed with beautiful blue eyes, striking red hair, a nice plump ass and big...juicy...bouncy natural tits. She gets looks everywhere: at the grocery store, at restaurants, all over. She's caught the security guard at her building checking her out quite a few times.....

That same security guard is supposed to let her know when Jerry's on his way up so she can surprise him in some sexy new lingerie she bought. But right when Penny checks the time and notices that Jerry should be home soon....she gets a call. It's Jerry. And Penny knows that Jerry only calls from work for one reason. To say he's staying late at work.

Penny sighs. Cancelled on again. "Why on earth did I marry Jerry???" she thinks. He may not appreciate her...but Penny knows there's lots of other men who definitely would...


Date Added: November 21, 2020


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Dixie Needs To Be Filled Up!

For some reason, Dixie has been getting REALLY hungry a lot lately. She doesn't know why, but whenever the craving hits, she REALLY needs to eat.

Today is no different. The hunger hit and now Dixie's waiting for her food delivery. And according to the app, he's gonna be here any second. And it couldn't come soon enough!

Dixie hasn't moved from her spot on the couch since she ordered. She has 0 energy if she doesn't eat & drink asap. If she DID have some energy, she would have realized her purse with her credit card was buried under a pile of clothes in her bedroom. But it's hard for Dixie to focus when she hasn't been fed.

So when the delivery driver FINALLY gets there...Dixie doesn't know where her wallet is. Cuz she's HUNGRY. And the smell of all that food isn't making it better. Without her wallet, without her credit card...Dixie can't get the food she's been waiting for all day. That right there is unacceptable to her. She needs to be filled up ASAP.


Date Added: November 12, 2020


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Gettin Inside of Teanna's Head!

After a long and stressful day, the only thing that Teanna wants to do is relax.

But when you're a woman blessed with so many attributes and abilities that men find desirable....its kind of hard to get a moment's peace.

There's constant text messaging and emails and phone calls and dms...even tho the gifts are nice, all in all it can be a lil overwhelming.

Which is why relaxing is so important. But sometimes when you relax...your mind goes to places where you start thinking of things.

Sometimes its mundane, boring stuff: what to eat for dinner, what needs to be bought from the store...things like that. But sometimes...those thoughts get more X-Rated.

Thoughts of the things that these men want you to do to her....thinking of how they want to manhandle her...thinking of how she can turn them into putty using those abilities they love so much.

But of course...they're just thoughts.


Date Added: November 4, 2020


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Painful Anal Punishment For Daddy's Girl!

When you're growing learn certain things. About keeping your word. About respect.

At least that's what you're supposed to learn. But apparently some of yall's parent's didn't fuck ya'll up enough.

Take this dumb ass Mr. Rose. He owes some people some money. When you owe somebody money, you don't dodge their calls. You don't lie about when you're gonna pay it back. You keep your word. And you pay up. But apparently nobody taught Mr. Rose that you don't run from your problems. Somebody needs to teach Mr. Rose how to grow up. But nobody can find him. Like a lil weasel he's good at covering his tracks .But you know what we did find? His little girl.

And with you hiding out from your responsibiities...somebody's got to watch out for her. So I'll step up. I'll be daddy for your little girl. Me and her gonna play games. You know my favorite game? Hide and seek. Ima hide something big and hard and black somewhere. And we'll see if your daughter can find it.


Date Added: October 28, 2020


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An Ordinary Day Until It's Not...

Just another day. Just like any other. Wake up. Shower. Go to class. Go to work. Go home. It's a routine.

Familiar. Comforting. Typical. Ordinary. Until it's not.

Had she changed the channel one more time...she would have seen the news reports. Warning young women to lock their doors. That it wasn't safe out. Because there was a psycho loose. A psycho that likes blondes....

She didn't change the channel tho. And she didn't lock her door. And the escaped inmate happened to make a right instead of a left. And he saw her go home. Perfect ingredients for a fun night...


Date Added: October 21, 2020


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