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Brace Face Teen Gives Up Her Young Pussy For A Good Cause!

Its that time of year again! A time where we celebrate with family and friends, with good food and great beverages. Its a time of happiness and joy....but this time of year isn't great for everyone...

There's families living in poverty, families who can't afford to make the most of this time of year. And that fact really makes little Aria unhappy. 

Aria has always been a sensitive little girl with a big heart. Always being helpful and lending a hand even when she isn't asked. So when Aria found out her high school started a student group designed to help the less fortunate, she was first in line to get in there!

The work the group did by itself was very fulfilling...but it could also be very competitive too. You see, the group was ALSO offering students who raised the most money a very lucrative college scholarship! And with Aria about to graduate in just a few short months, that money would REALLY come in handy. But (and this should come as no surprise) every girl in the group is out there trying to earn the scholarship money. And even though Aria is working really hard and helping a lot of people, she still isn't in first place. Suzie and Jessica are collecting more donations than her and its not fair. They don't even NEED a scholarship! Aria just knows those two are doing something bad to earn all that money!

With time running out, Aria is canvassing for donations in a really nice neighborhood and she's feeling lucky! She's gotten a few people at this fancy condo to do donations already. Aria knocks on her 4th door and a handsome black guy answers. "Oh he looks nice!" she thinks, before flashing her cutest smile, putting her braces on full display! 

Aria doesn't know it yet...but she did indeed get lucky. Because the door she knocked on belongs to a guy named Branden. A kinky guy. And Branden's kink is cute little girls with braces. The minute Aria flashed her metal mouth smile...Branden's dick started to get hard. He thought about that mouth slurping on his big black cock...his BBC sliding in her TIGHT young pussy...and he knew that he was DEFINITELY going to give little Aria a very BIG she'll be reminded of in about 9 months.


Date Added: December 24, 2019


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Big Ass Neighborhood Girl Finds Some Excitement In BIG BLACK DICK!

Aubrey lives with her parents in a very nice gated community in the suburbs. Its peaceful, calm, picturesque....the perfect little community...IF you were 70 years old, something Aubrey is DEFINITELY NOT. Aubrey is young

There are sooooo many old people in this neighborhood. The only young folks Aubrey sees are her fellow students at school and they are some REAL lames. It's driving Audrey crazy being so bored. The only things she does is cook (she's a helluva baker) and play with herself. Now both of those are fun, especially sticking toys in her tight, wet, young pussy. But it's been SOOOOO LONG since Aubrey had some actual dick, that the little toys and what not she has are quickly not becoming enough. She needs MORE.

After cumming, Aubrey was aimlessly flipping through the television when she heard a lot of commotion outside. Yes, commotion outside was the most exciting thing that had happened today. Aubrey jumped up and looked, thinking it was probably some old person getting some old people furniture delivered. It was indeed a furniture truck...but the furniture getting delivered was NOT going to some old fart. Aubrey rubbed her eyes and looked again, because she didn't think this was possible. It was a moving truck. And the movers were dressed in uniforms so it was easy to tell who they were and who the new neighbor was. And the new neighbor...the new neighbor was A YOUNG...SEXY...BLACK MAN. And he looks like a freak.

He was wearing basketball shorts and a tank top, and Aubrey could see his muscles and something else swinging between his legs. Even though she had just cum not too long ago...Aubrey's young tight pussy started to get VERY wet again.

Finally! Some excitement! Aubrey did a little dance in the kitchen, twerking her phat ass in excitement. Aubrey looks at her ass in the mirror (its always hanging out her short shorts, its so phat) and rubs her Spades tattoo softly. She'd gotten it as a dare because she was always talking about how much she LOVED black guys, even thought there were none in her little town. But now, one has fallen in her lap, with no wife, no lil brats (even though that wouldn't have stopped her) and apparently...A BIG BLACK DICK.

Aubrey took one last look out the window and then went straight to the kitchen. It was time to put her two talents to work: her cooking ability and her tight, young, wet white pussy. She was going to finally get some EXCITEMENT.


Date Added: December 17, 2019


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Bored Housewife Finds EXCITEMENT In Puking All Over BBC!

Living the life that everyone expects is just so typical. Go to school, get a job, play the game right, get promoted, get married and be happy right? Sounds good in theory...but its not all its cracked up to be.

I've just been very...unfulfilled lately. At work, with my so called friends...but especially with my husband. He's just....I mean hes nice but hes just not....not what excites me right now.

I've been trying to distract myself by working all the time...but this just leaves me alone with my thoughts...and my computer...I never knew there was so much porn out there....never knew there was so much BIG BLACK COCK.

That BBC...thats what I need...I need to be treated like a slut...violently used for the pleasure of a black stallion...

I realize this now....but I'm still torn...I love my husband...and I know that he won't be okay with this...but my urges are just so hard to resist... So I think I've found the perfect solution. I've been watching this guy who lives in my building...and I think that I've seen him online...using white girls throats and their faces as washrags for his dirty asshole...and I NEED him to use I hope that I'm right....because if I don't get used soon....I just might explode.


Date Added: December 11, 2019


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Assfucking Is The Training This Army Girl Needs!

Its 0700 and guess who isn't at the mandatory training this morning? Spoiled little Private Mandy. What else is new? I swear this cadet is the most undependepable wanna be soldier I've had in this camp! She's just not on it!

What is she even doing here??? I've had reservations about Mandy since she started here and unsurprisingly, those reservations have been justified. Mandy is the daughter of some big wig in the army, so she has automatically been getting special treatment here.

Her living quarters for example. They're a lot bigger and a lot nicer than the other soldiers and for what? She's just going to fill the empty space with new outfits and jewelry and all that useless stuff women buy. And what does she need all this stuff for when she's in the freakin army? Good question! She needs all this garbage so she can look good at the club! That's right! Your tax dollars are going to support soldiers who go out all night dancing and shaking their butts! Its shameful.

That's not the military that my father and his father and his father before him gave their all too. Uncle Sam may have said that women can serve but they are going to serve properly.

The unit sees all the stuff that Mandy gets away with and it makes them look at me like I'm not doing my job and I have had it. I am heading straight over to Private Mandy's quarters to wake her ass up. And you know what? While I'm there....nobody is expecting to see either of us for a couple of hours at I'm going to make sure that lil Miss Mandy gets a lesson in obedience.

Mandy missed the session this morning. But I'm going to make sure I train her ASS this afternoon.


Date Added: December 5, 2019


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BBC Is The Best Way To Relax After Work!

Alex has had a ridiculously long day at work. Everything that could go wrong did. Files were missing, the internet was down, customers had the WORST attitudes. It was a MESS. 

It felt so good to walk out of that office and leave all that craziness behind. It seemed like everything got better once she walked out the door. It was like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

The radio kept playing a report about some escaped psycho who was on the loose but the traffic was so smooth Alex didn't even have to listen to the radio for long, she got home so quickly! Once she walked through the door, the first thing Alex wanted to do was get her clothes off and shower before getting into bed, no dinner necessary (Alex had had a REALLY big lunch earlier).

Once Alex got out of the shower and saw her bed, she fell in love! It looked so inviting! And getting into it was like slipping into a cloud. It felt sooooo good!

Even though her day HAD been looking up, nothing was on TV unfortunately. Her job keeps her put so late that by the time she gets back and settles in, the only thing on TV is the news. Every news channel had the same thing on tho; escaped psycho, blah blah blah. We get it. Calm down, anchor.

There's gates around her community though so Alex didn't feel worried at all. What she WAS worried about was finding a show she could fall out too, but even with 100s of channels and all the latest apps, it didn't seem anything was on. But even with all the flipping through bad television, Alex was getting drowsy. That is...until she heard a noise...


Date Added: November 28, 2019


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HUGE Butt PAWG Gets Worked Out By BBC!

It's actually a bit more difficult than most people think being a personal trainer.

So many people think its so easy but for one you have a lot of competition out there because every joker with a nice body thinks that they have what it takes to be a personal trainer. That's definitely not true. I went to school for Kinesiology and have a few certifications, so I know what I'm doing, unlike a lot of these other people. Clients have to be careful out here or else you'll be paying someone to teach you the wrong exercises!

Besides, its not even ALL about the exercise. While the time you spend in the gym is very valuable, a lot of these fake personal trainers don't realize that diet is more important than the workout! Eating protein and nutrient rich meals can do wonders for the body! So successful trainers need to make sure their clients are eating right!

But its not just bad trainers who don't know what they are doing that should be scrutinized. Clients are also an issue. There's angry clients, lazy clients, clients who aren't serious, unrealistic/hopeless clients...the list goes on and on. My life is filled with drama. I'll tell you there's rarely been a boring day.

Take today for instance. I've been working with a new client named Virgo for a while. And let me tell you...she's been...a handful. Virgo is what they call a PAWG. And you can see why. She got CURVES. Her ass alone is about 50 inches. Personally she looks great to me, but evidently her boyfriend or someone wants her to lose some weight. Now we have had a few good sessions, Virgo and I. But today, something just There were times where Virgo didn't want to work out before, but I was eventually able to coax her into it. This time seemed like it would be different. Virgo wasn't wearing her usual workout stuff, and she was acting kinda weird. I guess it was time for me to pull out the charm yet again and make this girl get her exercise on!


Date Added: November 24, 2019


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Your Hot Wife Forces You To Watch Her Worship BBC & Dirty Black Ass!

You've messed up honey. Once again. Oh don't give me that stupid pathetic look you fuckin moron. That's right. I know all about the little bimbo that you've been flirting with at work. Did you really think you could keep that secret from me? My friends tell me every day about how you're drooling over this new girl. But guess what? She doesn't like you. Look at you. She can tell how small your dick is. Shes disgusted by you.

And you know what? Im disgusted by you too. I've tolerated you because of your money. Because that is the only thing you have going for you. You're fat, ugly, stupid and I dont need you. I dont want you. I dont love you. But you know what I want? What I've ALWAYS wanted? BIG. BLACK. DICK. That's right. Something you dont have. Something you can't buy.

Meet Branden honey. He works in your office building. I know you noticed him. He's bigger, stronger and way hotter than you. And you know what I'm going to do to Branden. I'm going to drain his cock and balls. I'm going to worship his black body in a way I have and will NEVER do for you.

I bet you'd like to share this with me wouldn't you? Share this BIG BLACK COCK. Taste the sweet precum from his bulging black balls. It's better than any of those vitamins you take honey. After he fucks my face and turns me into a slobbering can clean off the juices dripping down my face...clean up all the tears and spit and precum like the little worm you are. Better than any of those vitamins you take.

And to reward you for being a good boy? Im going to give you a kiss....right after I stick my tongue and my lips in his sweaty, dirty, nasty black asshole. He works so much harder than you at work honey. He has that manly musky smell everywhere. His ass and balls get so wet with sweat. And he didn't have time to shower before he got here. Which means his dirty black ass will taste sooooo good when I tongue kiss you.

So sit back honey bunny! Relax. Try to control that tiny little shrimp in your pants as you watch a real man put his big black bull cock in my sweet little mouth. Oh and please try not to dribble on yourself as you watch me clean his filthy asshole with my tongue. I know how quickly you climax. Ill make sure my wedding ring gets plenty of cum and ass juice on it to symbolize our new beginning. Because honey...this is your new normal.


Date Added: November 19, 2019


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Stuck Up Bitch Gonna Regret Not Giving Me Her Number!

You know what I dont understand? Bitches. They be coming out here playin wit us, tryna fuck our heads up. Every day its the same thing. You tell a bitch hi, she roll her fuckin eyes. You give a whistle at her and she cuss you out. They just stuck up.

Why you go to the club if u aint gonna talk to nobody? Why you wear that if you wasnt gonna let me touch up on you? Why you dressed like that if you dont want no attention? I'm sick of dealin with it bro. I had a girl ignore me when I held the door open for her and i promised myself the next bitch who dont respect me gonna get the bizness.

Apparently this big booty bitch aint get the message. She was in the club lookin right. And I approached her like a gentleman, like a man, all nice and respectful. But the bitch acted like i ain't exist, like she was too good for ME. Talkin about im in her personal space, im a scrub, all this. WTF yo? I was heated.

Bitch do you know i got the glizzy in the dash??? Bitch was so busy showin out for lesser ones and yapping to her home girl that she aint even notice me followin her stupid ass home. And yeah i heard her talkin trash about me on the way too. She was so busy running her fuckin mouth she aint even notice she left her door unlocked....


Date Added: November 12, 2019


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