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No Relaxation For Her Throat!

She's walking home after a long day of work. Absolutely exhausted. She's thinking about taking off her clothes...stripping down...exposing her naked body...getting into a bath...maybe a glass of something to drink.

Relaxation is on her mind. Its been a long day after all. So long in fact that Audrey isn't paying attention....and she should be.

You see...Audrey's not very safe. There are people lurking. Bad people. People who notice when pretty little white girls aren't paying attention. People who are into some twisted stuff.

Audrey's looking forward to a night of relaxation. But her night is about to take a very messy turn...

Date Added: April 17, 2021


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Pretty Girl Just Wants To Be Appreciated....

Val is in a really good place right now. Work is going really well, she's acing her classes in college, and her favorite band even came out with a new album. Life is great!

And you know whats the Cherry on top? She even met a great guy, Mike! Mike is handsome and charming and has a great personality...he's everything Val ever wanted!

Well....not EVERYTHING. Mike isn't the best at returning calls or texts (its like hes always busy with something) and his job makes him work pretty long hours (especially overnight)....but when they do connect....its magic. Mike's friends are cool too, especially Branden. She's supposed to head to a concert with Mike and some friends in a lil bit.Β 

Little does Val know tho....the reason Mike is always too busy to call or text because he's fucking other bitches. Yep. Mike's a man whore. That "job" he has that has him working long hours overnight? Fucking bitches and spending the night with them. Yep. Hes a fuckboy. Val doesn't know that she's just one of Mike's hoes.Β 

Branden does tho! He knows all about Mike's exploits. I mean...who doesn't?? That's why Branden didn't think twice about letting Val know what Mike was up to. But when Val finds out....she is NOT very happy. And what better way to get back at a fuckboy....than fucking his homeboy?


Date Added: April 9, 2021


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Young Virgin Learns About BBC After Skipping School!


Alice totally gets why her Mom and dad are always preaching about how important school is and she gets it. Good grades in high school will get you into college, college will get u a good job, good job means you can live nice.

And since Alice is a good girl, shes been listening to her parents. Shes been studying hard all year. But sometimes...sometimes you just need a break.

Thats why today...instead of going to school...Alice decided to play a lil hooky. She knows that both her mom and dad are at work and won't be home for hours.

So instead of another boring day in the classroom, Alice is going to have a fun day filled with snacks and movies. No teachers, no annoying boys...just her....all alone....

Or so she thought. You see...Alices neighborhood is normally realy safe...but not today. Because theres someone on the loose. Someone who's been watching her house and waiting to rob it. He knows that during this time...nobody should be home.

But Alice is. Now shes about to learn a lesson. A big one. A painful one. Because the man robbing her house needs two things: money....and young... tight white pussy...


Date Added: March 30, 2021


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Guess Who's Back In Town?

So here I am, just smokin, chillin, watchin TV....when I get a random knock on my door. It's kinda late so I'm like...who TF is this???

The cops? The opps??? My mind racing, but when I answer the door....I see a very familiar face!

My girl Melody Parker! Broooooooo I missed Melody sooooo much! Me & her got hella history. I remember back when she had just turned 18, I was datin with her older sister...until one day when I came over lookin for her sister...the only person there was sweet innocent lil Melody....

I put every inch of my big black dick in her tight teenage pussy over & over again...until Melody went off to college. She was gone for a lil bit....but apparently her school on Spring break right when she got back to town, one of her 1st stops was at my spot.

And lemme tell you...I was happy AF to see her! She still cute AF wit those pretty blue eyes...but one things changed....whatever they feedin these young girls in college went STRAIGHT to her ass. When she was in high school her ass was big but now??? That shii is phat AFFFFFF!

Lookin at that big ass white booty...thinkin bout the way she used to throat my meat...all this got my dick hard AFFFF.

Had to invite Melody already know me & her got A LOT to catch up on...


Date Added: March 23, 2021


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She Asked Me To Come Over & Chill...

If Kacie had known her husband would become so damn irritating, she definitely would have stayed single.

Its the same thing every day. All he talks about is work and its one complaint after another after another. You'd think she was a therapist, not a wife, the way he expects her to always say the right things to make him feel better.

And its funny that he always expects her to listen to him when he never listens to her or attends to her needs. Kacie hasn't been properly fucked in forever. Its the same vanilla tame 2 minute sex every time. Thats not what Kacie needs at all.

What Kacie needs is to be treated like a slut. Like a whore. To be used like a fucktoy. To be gagged and choked and slapped. She needs it to hurt her throat and her pussy. She needs what her husband definitely cannot provide.

But fortunately...Kacie knows somebody who can give her what she needs...with no complaints.


Date Added: March 15, 2021


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My Boss's Ass Needs Some Assistance!

Ever since everything been goin on in this country, I had to take a second job. Sucks ass cuz I barely have time to chill but it's better than living on the street right?

The new job ain't too bad. I'm an assistant, so it's like making sure schedules are organized, picking up stuff...easy as fuck. Usually.

You see...sometimes my boss Valentina is a asshole. She be gettin stressed easy and then shouting & yelling....this bitch even threw stuff at me a few times!

I'd quit quick AF normally except...I need the money...and my boss is kinda sexy. She be wearing the sexiest, tightest outfits that show off ALL her curves. Bitch ass phat AF. Seeing her gettin mad lookin all good is a turn on. She got this sexy Italian accent too?? Her mean face makes my dick feel REAL nice.

Her husband been out of town on a work trip for the last week so she been extra mean since its stuff he would normally take care of that now she got to do. Today she called me to her house and said to hurry TF up. Sound like she got something major for me to do....


Date Added: March 5, 2021


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Teen Slut Knows How To Make Her Parents Mad...

Her parents put her on punishment for being a bad girl. They said she was grounded and couldn't leave the house. They thought that would keep her out of trouble. They were wrong.

Because Brooke's parents live in a pretty nice neighborhood. And nice neighborhoods....even though they look safe...there's always something lurking under the surface.

And what's lurking in Brooke's house? An intruder. Looking for money and valuables to sell. Something he can use.

He thought no one was home...but Brooke is. She was sleeping...but something woke her up. Maybe it was...anticipation?

Because Brooke isn't scared. She's always been a naughty lil girl. And seeing a big black man wearing a ski mask in her house when no one's supposed to kinda turns her on...

Date Added: February 28, 2021


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Naive Blonde Helps Black Stranger Into Her Asshole!

So me and my folks just moved into this new town and it's wayyyyy different from the hood I'm used to. 1st off it's fuckin clean. No trash blowin down the streets like tumble weed, no addicts running around...shii's nice. And the people kinda nice too! Smiling, sayin hi, askin if I need help...police rolled past and just smiled and waved at me! Like WTF??? People don't even lock they doors at night! Feel like I'm in the fuqin twilight zone.

Issa nice place to live...and to make some money. Cuz if people THIS fuqin nice, its only one thing to do....scam they asses!

And scamming em is exactly what I been doin. Cuz these white folks love helpin out underprivileged young black men!

Shii been going well for a while...but today mite be my best day ever. I went to this new neighborhood on the other side of town (air even smelled cleaner wtf)...and the 1st spot I went to...this pretty lil pint size white bitch answered the door. CUTE AFFFF bro! Blonde eyes...ass phat AF too. exact type of bitch I beat my meat too. She was perky and happy...and innocent...and naive...bitch invited a strange black man right in her house. Ionthink she knew wat i was thinkin when I saw her. Ima give you a hint. It involved my fat black dick. And her tight lil white asshole.

Get this. She said her name was Bella Jane but her friend's call her BJ. Best believe I'm bout to get a BJ...and more. She said her parent's aren't home. She's all alone. And my dick gettin hard. This little slut about to give me everything she got.


Date Added: February 22, 2021


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