Big Booty Party Girl Learns How To Stay Out Of Trouble!

Perfect weather, parents out of town...yes, this weekend is about to be lit! That's all Willow been thinking about all week as she gets ready for the party she's throwing tonight! And wats a party without some fire music? The volume gets cranked ALL the way up as Willow starts to pre game.

However, it would appear as though Willow's neighbors aren't fans of Drill music because a few of them sent complaints to the management office about how loud Willow's music is. And they sent up a security officer to check things out.

When he gets there he finds out two things: that Willow's having a party in violation of the lease agreement...and Willow's parent's aren't home....

Branden's seen Willow around. Who could miss her? That pretty face....all that pretty curly hair....and that PHAT ASS. That juicy phat ass Willow got bounce every time she move...and she always be wearing booty shorts. Yea Branden's seen Willow around plenty times....he wanna see wat she look like naked with his diq in her mouth tho.

If Willow don't wanna get in trouble she gonna have to be a good girl....

Date Added: September 9, 2022


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