Pretty Asian Teen Needs Help Getting Into College!

Gia's been having so many problems in school lately. Falling grades, distracted attention...its's so unlike her when she's always been such a good student.

Mr. Richards, her assistant principal, is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. He’s always had a soft spot for Gia ever since she started school here. He feels the need to help Gia out…

And when Mr. Richards finds out that Gias parents are consistently out of town, leaving their pretty young daughter all alone, he’s even more determined to help.

See Mr. Richards has always been….drawn to his pretty young student Gia. He thinks about her a lot…especially about how pretty she would look deepthroating his fat, thick BBC. After all, with her parents not home, who’s gonna be there to make sure Gia stays out of trouble?


Date Added: July 31, 2022


249 Pics, 61 min of video


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