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Huge 50 Inch White Booty Call!

Normally Mia has dudes calling and texting her nonstop. Everywhere she goes men follow her down the street, asking her for her number. They're just drawn to her for some reason.

But now...her phone is quiet. And she knows she charged it. Going through her bag Mia realizes that she can't find her phone! All the photos, apps, contacts....gone.

But thankfully for her....Mia is about to get lucky. Somebody found her phone! And that somebody is the security guard who works in her building, Branden. When B found the phone laying on the ground, he opened it up to check and see if he could figure out who it belonged to. Once he saw the giant fuqing ASS on the lock screen...he knew. It was the huge booty white bitch who stay in the east tower. The one he been thinking about fucking up for a looong time.

Every time Branden seen her walking around dragging that WAGON behind her, he had one thought: I NEED that big ass butt bouncing all over my big black dick. Her ass so big and juicy...anything she wear you can see that ass jiggling and bouncing behind her. Bitch don't even know how many times she made his dick hard when she came through the lobby.

Now his dick hard as he heading to her apartment with her phone. The way he imagining it, she gonna be so happy to get her phone back she gonna reward him with that big ass butt....maybe not that way since that's the type of shii that only happen in pornos. But Branden know one thing: he is not leaving her spot until he get some pussy. This big booty white bitch GOT to put all 50 inches of ass on his black dick if she want her phone back, straight up.


Date Added: July 14, 2021


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Gotta Play With His Balls To Make Him Play Ball!

Basketball playoff season the best time of the year. You got exciting games, drama, records being broken, history being made. All makes for good TV...and good money if u kno wat you're doing. 

Kiki is somebody that knows what she's doing. She's always liked her some balls and shes happy. So it made sense for her to start putting some money on these games. And lately she been raking it in.

She's got a big bet on a couple of games tonight and she's looking forward to seeing the money roll in with every rebound, 3 pointer and free throw made as she watches the game with her friend Stephanie tonight.

But when Kiki gets to Stephanie's place, she's a lil surprised to see Stephanie's brother, Derek there. You see, Derek is a basketball player....and he's supposed to be playing TONIGHT. He lowkey supposed to be at the arena practicing! But when Kiki gets there, he's just sittin on the couch. Chillin.

That is definitely NOT what Kiki wanted to see. She got hella money on this game, and if Derek's not on his A game, she's gonna lose A LOT of money. But as far as Derek's concerned, if you stay ready you don't have to get ready...and he feel like he ready! Now Kiki doesn't feel that way...Kiki thinks that Derek could be even more ready...and there might be a way for her to get him to that point....


Date Added: July 6, 2021


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I Need To Confess To My Arabic Neighbor...

I have a new neighbor. I've been watching her. Every morning. Every afternoon. And every night while I stroke my black dick.

She's Arabic. From the middle east. I've heard her speaking the language. And I can see it in her body. Her beautiful, curvy body....her phat ass....full hips...big milky tits. I've seen her uncovered as she walks around her house...or tans naked outside. When I watch her I think of things. Sinful things.

Like putting my big black dick deep inside her pretty mouth. Like hearing her scream as I shove my BBC deep in her pussy. Like seeing her milky tits bounce while I drill her tight pussy....I think about these things every day when I watch her parading around uncovered...taunting me....tempting me. I can't take it anymore.

I want her. I NEED her. To feel her. To fill her. There are some things I learned in the old neighborhood. Like how to pick locks. It's a skill that's going to come in handy today. Because I'm going to go inside her place and wait for her. I'm going to watch her up close. And when the moment is right...I'll confess my sins to her....and ask for absolution.


Date Added: June 27, 2021


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Sweet Young Virgin Gets Summer Job Taking Care of BBC!

Honey's a sweet girl. She likes to help people. She helps out at school. She helps out at home. She just loves doing it. It makes her happy.

So when she see's an ad to be a babysitter, she's so excited! She gets to help people AND earn money? Sounds too good to be true!

Now most people know when something sounds too good to be usually is. But Honey's a sweet innocent lil girl. She doesn't know that there's bad men out there...bad men who like to do bad things to sweet innocent girls.

See...there IS a babysitting job. But its not what Honey thinks. You see....the babies she will be taking care of....are currently inside Branden's big, heavy black balls. Balls swollen with cum, just waiting to impregnate another innocent little white girl. That's the job Honey will be doing tonight: being a good little girl and doing everything Mr. Richards tells her to do....working extra hard so that those babies inside his musky black balls end up deep inside Honeys tight young pussy. 

Honey is going to learn a few things today. About not answering strange ads. About how much her teen twat can take....and most importantly....Honey's going to learn all about BIG BLACK DICK. 


Date Added: June 18, 2021


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Phat Juicy 48 Inch White Booty Is Wat He Wants!

Its a lot of work having a big phat juicy white booty. You gotta carry that wagon around with it...clothes barely fit...sleeping on your back is out the question.

But there's definitely more benefits than drawbacks. 1st of all it looks amazing. Nothing like a fat milky big white booty bouncing and jigglin all over the place.

And when a ass looks gets plenty of attention from guys like Branden. Branden saw her ass when she was walking and got her number a while back. Alexis saw the way he was looking at her...the way he licked his lips eyeing her phat juicy ass.

Branden been blowing her up for a while now but Alexis has been a lil busy. When Alexis returns his call though, she's already dressed up in a sexy outfit that shows off her big beautiful ass. Because she knows exactly what Branden wants.


Date Added: June 10, 2021


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What You Gonna Do For These Festival Tickets?

It's that time of the year again! The air smells better, the sky is a lil brighter; it's a wonderful time to be alive....that's right....its concert season!

Taylor missed out last year. She was at home MAD AF because she didn't get tickets...and all her friends did. And they had a fuckin blast! The concert that year was sooooo hype, everybody had so much fun. Except Taylor of course. But this year, Taylor is gonna make sure that does NOT happen again!

She got a summer job and saved every penny to make sure she would have enough for these tickets when they came out....but they sold out so quick online that she didn't have a chance to buy them. Sucky day.

But Taylor definitely wasn't ready to give up, not this year. She looked online and found someone selling tickets and for a reasonable price too! Day started lookin a lil better!

Unfortunately for Taylor tho...the guy she hit up to buy tickets from...isn't the greatest. He has a lil problem. He's a sex addict. And he really, really likes fuckin pretty white girls with fat asses. And guess what Taylor is? A prerty lil white girl....with a fat ass.

So when Branden sees this...his imagination runs wild. He can feel Taylor's fat juicy ass riding his bbc...feel her throat gripping his dick....feel her tongue caressing his asshole. His dick starts getting hard. And his mind starts is he going to get some pussy out this big booty bitch? Then he remembers he's got some concert tickets that this girl really...really wants....


Date Added: June 3, 2021


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Just Turned 18...Perfect Age For BBC!

Me and the homie Frank been cool for a minute. We became friends at school and then started workin together on a lil "supply" business for the neighborhood. He good people. I fuq with his family too. Especially his little sister, Jessica.

I've had eyes on his Jessica ever since we met. She had just come home in her school uniform while me and Frank was playin video games. Lookin cute AF. I was lookin at her for too long and lost in the game to Frank. Every time she was around I would get distracted. Frank laughed once sayin she was his good luck charm cuz I always lost when she was around. Thats cuz I was thinkin about fuckin your lil sister bro.

I would always be watchin her. She caught me a few times. And she gave me a look a few times. Like she knew the fucked up thoughts in my head. Like her young ass was with it. Jailbait for real.

I been tryin to push them thoughts out my head for the longest cuz thats the homie sister and she young AF but I can't. Lil girl so fuqin cute. Pretty brown eyes. Beautiful blond hair. And she only like 5 feet tall. Fun size.

A girl that tiny and that gonna have some thoughts. About how pink it is. How tight it is. About whether her tight fresh teen pussy can take big black dick. 

For the longest time they were just thoughts. A forbidden fantasy. But things might change. Cuz Im at the homie Franks house bout to drop summin off....and he aint here. I was bout to leave but then...his lil sister come out. Tiny blonde lil Jessica. Wearin some colorful panties holdin onto her teddy bear. The minute I saw dick started gettin hard.

This lil girl half naked....and her big brother Frank ain't home. Nobody was. Except me and Jessica. And then me and her get to talkin...and she said the magic words. SHE JUST TURNED 18. My dick was already gettin hard...but hearin shii turned brick. Apologies to the homie...but Im bout to fuq his little sister so damn hard. I promise she gonna remember her 1st black dick.


Date Added: May 27, 2021


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My Arabic Wife Has Disgraced Our Marriage And MUST Be Punished!

I do not understand this. After all the hard work I have done. My wife, my beautiful Iranian wife has disgraced our marriage.

I brought her here from the Middle East. To cook, to clean, to bear me strong sons and obedient daughters. To be a good wife. And at first, I was happy. The house was clean. I ate well. We are building a family. But then when my hours were cut at my job...she began to act out. In a manner unbecoming of the obedient wife I thought I married.

I caught her applying for jobs, including one at an adult club! She said that she was not going to be dancing for other men, only serving them intoxicating drinks and food while dressed in slutty if that makes it better! I made sure she did not sleep well that night!

I have caught her wearing makeup after work and she says that it is so she can look pretty for me. As if she did not know that I feel a woman in a hijab is the pinnacle of beauty. There is something that she is hiding. And today...when I came home early I found out.

My beautiful, devout chaste wife...has been taking pictures and videos of herself and posting them online! Naked pictures and videos! Showing off WHAT IS MINE TO STRANGERS! SHOWING THEM WHAT BELONGS TO ME!

She has betrayed me. She has disgraced me. This country has corrupted her and warped her mind. I will correct it. She must be taught a lesson. She must be punished.

If she wants to act like a slutty American whore...I will treat her like one.


Date Added: May 16, 2021


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