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Busty Emma's 38E Tits Make Me Destroy Her Throat!

I love big massive natural titties. And as you can tell by her name, Busty Emma's got em! Big soft heavy titties+cute face+submissive nature=me turning into a BLACK BEAST. The harder I went on her throat, the wetter it got, which made me go even harder. Emma is a trooper and she took all I could dish out until I busted a nut in her mouth. Good girls give some very good head!

Date Added: May 8, 2016


37 min of video

Big Boobed Alex Chance Sucks Black Dick & Licks Black Ass!

Alex Chance has MASSIVE, MASSIVE Boobs. Some of the biggest and best boobs I've seen in my life! She also has a deep throat, one she used to throat every inch of my dick. She can definitely take some face fucking! And last, but certainly not least, she has a very....VERY...talented tongue. She used that tongue to thoroughly clean my asshole in a way that very few have. Alex is an amazing oral artist!

Date Added: May 1, 2016


36 min of video

Rikki's Head Game Is NO Rumor!

The head game aint no rumor!!! Rikki was an unexpected suprise for me during one of my trips to LA. I was in need of some snowbunny head and Rikki was happy to oblige. This girl POLISHED my dick. Her hands are magic. She made me cry out like a lil bitch many times as she stroked, sucked, gagged and milked my BBC. This sexy little blonde slut gave me one of the best blowjobs I've ever had. Her reward? A MASSIVE, thick nut right in her mouth. Wait til you see how big that deposit was. Great head from a very talented snowbunny!

Date Added: April 30, 2016


58 min of video

Camille Has Black Dick & Black Ass For Breakfast!

Camille must have missed breakfast because she swallowed my dick and ate the fuck out of my black ass. None of that scary shit either. She kissed it, tongued it, spt in it and then let me nut in her mouth. Camille Black is the reason I love getting my ass ate. That shit feel GOOD AS HELL. You can thank Camille Black for making rimming a steady part of my sexual regimen!

Date Added: April 15, 2016


53 min of video

Violet Monroe Gives The Perfect Blowjob!

Violet Monroe is perfect. She has that cute innocent submissive look...but she is nasty as FUCK with one of the best head games I've ever experienced. Perfect hands, perfect deep throat resulted in a beautiful wet sloppy mess. I can't decide if she looks better before the blowjob or after! One of the best scenes on the site.

Date Added: April 1, 2016


28 min of video

Stefania Gets Manhandled And Facially DESTROYED!

Stefania Mafra is a beautiful Brazilian bombshell. But pretty girls get nasty too! And nasty she got! Ass eating, deep throating, gagging, slobbering...her throat is ENDLESS. SO MUCH SPIT! Stefania gave her throat to me and I took FULL advantage of it. She got me back tho! Watch the hand domination she pulls off at the end of this one! Turned me into the bitch!

Date Added: March 15, 2016


41 min of video

Amarna Is Amazing!

Something about these redheads! Superstar Amarna Miller showed me just how INTENSE and PASSIONATE European Girls are! She gave me that wet, sloppy, messy head that I love so much, talking to me in Spanish while she did it! Amarna let me use her throat, gagging on my dick to the point where her eyes were watering and her mascara was running. Such a beautiful sight. And THAT ASS! That ASS is incredible. There's some great shots of it bouncing while she gives me that good head. Head, personality, looks and ass? She's got it all. That's why she's amazing!

Date Added: March 1, 2016


53 min of video

Layla Finesse Gives It To Me Wet And Sloppy!

Layla Finesse came on the scene hard as fuck, and you can DEFINITELY see why. She cute AF, Her throat is deep AF, her mouth is wet AF, and her head game is BOMB AF. She had me going crazy with that good head and she made me nut with NO HANDS. Top notch performance by a star in the making.

Date Added: February 15, 2016


26 min of video

Mz Sucktion goes HAM on BBC!

Mz Sucktion has MASSIVE tits and extreme head skills! Minute I heard about her, I knew I had to have some. She did not disappoint. Deep Throat. Wet Mouth. BIG ASS TITTIES. And handwork like no other. She's a beast with it. So good she made me nut when I wasn't ready!

Date Added: February 1, 2016


24 min of video

Camille Goes Black!

Camille Black has a true craving for dark meat, as her wet, sloppy head, deep throat, and skilled hands show!

Date Added: December 1, 2015


26 min of video

Honey Dipp Destroys My Dick!

Honey Dipp, the wireless head queen, comes back to suck some dick! Her mouth is like silk, better than pussy! Honey works her lips and tongue all over black dick and you can almost feel how good the head is just by looking at it. Its impossible to resist head like this for too long; it always ends in a PHAT NUT right in her mouth!

Date Added: November 15, 2015


23 min of video

Honey Dipp Blows Me Away!

Honey Dipp has, arguably, the best Wireless head I've ever had. Her mouth is just THAT good. Never in my life had I had to fight a nut as hard as I did with this one. She can make a nigga nut in record time with no hands. She's a HEAD MONSTER!

Date Added: November 1, 2015


8 min of video

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