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Liz's BBC Anal Nightmare!

Liz has been so stressed out lately. Her friend Cathy is involved in sooooo much drama (like you would not believe), Liz's ex "boyfriend" Jake is trying to creep back in the picture (again). And of course there's exams. Because all good girls have to go to college right?

Exams are still on her mind after her long day hanging out with her other friend Marissa (who of course brought up Cathy's drama). Maybe a long day at the mall after school wasn't a good idea because Liz really has GOT to study. She doesn't know anything going on in her Criminal Justice class.

Before studying though...Liz has GOT to close her eyes for a second. Her and Marissa were walking around A LOT so she is kinda tired. And she had to fend off so many guys! Liz didn't know her skirt was THAT short but she didn't have time to change and the guys looking at her bubble booty bouncing around sure didn't mind...especially that one black guy.

He was staring at her so hard. Liz swears she could see the imprint of his dick while he watched her. A print MUCH bigger than Jake's. That's why Liz didn't give him her number. She can't even imagine getting that thing inside her pussy....

But enough freaky thoughts. Liz is gonna close her eyes for a second and take quick nap. She needs to relax.


Date Added: April 12, 2022


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Big Titties Need To Be At Every Party!

There's a party tonight! And Skyler's invited! For some reason guys are always inviting her places!

There's just a lil problem tho: Skyler doesn't know where the party is. Its at a "top secret location". U kno the bullshii that promoters do to hype their events up.

Skyler's friend Brianna was supposed to get all that info to her but she got caught up. And now Skyler's in limbo.

Everybody's gonna be at this party so Skyler really doesn't want to miss it. Fortunately for Skyler, Brianna's brother Branden knows where the party is. And he's gonna tell exchange for a few things....


Date Added: April 4, 2022


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Maddy's Job Requires Overtime...

Lavish vacations, designer wardrobe, sumptuous food, red bottoms...Maddy's living the good life.

Hard work definitely pays off. And Maddy's a very hard worker.

It's one of the things her boss appreciates about her.

The other thing he appreciates is her asshole. And her throat. And her tight white pussy. Because Maddy's job has a lot of requirements.

Fortunately, Maddy's very well qualified for all of them.

Date Added: March 31, 2022


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Harley Won't Forget About Black Dick!

It's been a long week with college exams right around the corner. Harley's been studying like crazy but tonight? Tonight she's going to be taking a lil break from the books and hitting up the town. She needs some stress relief.

She's been so stressed that she's been forgetting things. Like where her lip gloss is. Her phone, her keys. Forgetting to lock windows....doors...

Harley doesn't know it yet...but her plans are about to change.

Because since Harley forgot to lock her door....someone's in her house now. Because Harley forgot where her keys and her phone were...she's in her house with him.

Who is he? He's amped up. And horny. And he loves big booty blonde white girls with phat asses. Girls like Harley.

Stress relief is coming. Deep inside Harley's pussy and throat.


Date Added: March 23, 2022


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Tell Me I'm Better Than My Sister...

Blue has been on the phone for almost an hour and the topic of conversation is of course Marie.

Blue and Marie may be siblings..but they do not have a warm and fuzzy family relationship. The two are soooo different and those differences show just about every time the two are around one another...and since they both live together...they see each other a lot. Not today since Marie is out...but she's still the topic of conversation of course.

That is...until someone knocks at the door. And that someone is Branden, Marie's boyfriend. Blue and Branden have met before, but never when Marie is around (In addition to being a cunt, Marie is also a jealous bitch).

And even though Blue doesn't like Marie...Blue has no beef with Branden. Oh sure, there were those times when he was fucking Marie so hard that the screaming kept Blue up all night...but those were happy nights Blue spent thinking about getting filled with BBC instead of greedy Marie.

Yeah Branden isn't the problem. As a matter of fact...Branden might be the solution to Blue's problem with Marie. Cuz Marie isn't around today...and she's not gonna be back for a while...meaning someone is gonna have to keep Marie's boyfriend occupied...


Date Added: March 15, 2022


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She Must Pay For His Sins๐Ÿง•๐Ÿป

Sophia's phone is ringing again. She's been getting a lot of calls asking her about her brother Ahmed. Sophia and Ahmed were raised together in a strict religious family and are close; people who know them know that one is usually not far from the other.

But Ahmed has been...distant lately. He has been spending a lot of time online. A lot of time not at home with his new friends.

Sophia doesn't know them. But she doesn't like the effect they have had on her brother. He's more distant...more angry...since he started hanging out with them.

And then the calls started. Private numbers. Or numbers she didn't recognize. Always asking for Ahmed. Where is he. When will he be home.

Sophia is a bit worried. She doesn't know what Ahmed has gotten himself into. She hopes that whatever it is, it resolves itself quickly without her help. She loves her brother but doesn't want to get involved with whatever he's involved with. It seems dangerous...


Date Added: March 8, 2022


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Pretty Little Teen Learns Not To Talk To Strangers!

Reese is supposed to be meeting her friend Rebecca tonight.. But it just so happens that Rebecca completely screwed up the time and is now going to be over an hour late.

Reese lives far AF. She can't exactly go home and come back. So she's just gonna chill.

There's just one problem....Her phone is about to run out of battery.

Reese has Tik Toks to post. IG stories t upload...her phone CANNOT run out of battery. She's an hour away from home!

Fortunately for of her friend's neighbors sees her in the hallway...and he has a phone charger that he's happy to let her use.

Unfortunately for Reese, this neighbor is a little psycho....and he has a thing for pretty little girls like Reese...He doesn't care that she's a good little girl who doesn't date boys. He doesn't care that she's never had BBC before.

All he cares about is shoving big black dick deep in her extra tight pussy. Jamming BBC in her lil mouth and down her throat.

BBC Virgin No More.


Date Added: February 21, 2022


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I Love Her Fuqn Throat๐Ÿ’–

This is Dickdraining. This is how its done.

Selena Blaze shows why she on the Mount Rushmore of suckin dick. Head fire AF.

This bitch drained my dick and ate my ass for a hour. And then kept going after I lost my soul in her mouth.

Hall of Fame Head for Sure.

Date Added: February 14, 2022


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