99% Discount If U Plug Ur Tongue In My Dirty Black Asshole😁🔌⛽

It's that time of year where you can find a poppin party takin place every weekend! Cheers to the fuqn weekend rite????

Zerella is especially excited for this weekend because she's finally gonna be able to let loose and have fun. it's been such a long week for her and her friends!

That's why Zerella made sure to order lots and lots of stuff for the party. Everybody needs that good stuff.

But Zerella made a couple of mistakes.

1st one? She ordered hundreds of dollars of stuff using an expired promo code. So her stuff is wayyyy more expensive than she originally thought.

2nd mistake? She ordered from Branden the Plug. Now Branden is a great plug, he always got sum good stuff. But sumtimes he gets...distracted from makin his runs.

Cuz Branden is a businessman. And if there's one thing he like almost as much as money....it's when a pretty girl plugs her soft tongue in his asshole....

Date Added: June 9, 2023


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