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An Ordinary Day Until It's Not...

Just another day. Just like any other. Wake up. Shower. Go to class. Go to work. Go home. It's a routine.

Familiar. Comforting. Typical. Ordinary. Until it's not.

Had she changed the channel one more time...she would have seen the news reports. Warning young women to lock their doors. That it wasn't safe out. Because there was a psycho loose. A psycho that likes blondes....

She didn't change the channel tho. And she didn't lock her door. And the escaped inmate happened to make a right instead of a left. And he saw her go home. Perfect ingredients for a fun night...


Date Added: October 21, 2020


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Sometimes Blake Just Doesn't Understand Him...

Blake's beautiful, blonde, boobalicious...but she also has brains. It's always been really easy for her to figure stuff out, whether its in the classroom, when it comes to outfits to wear, everything! Which is why the fact that she's confused now really scares her.

And what's she confused about? A guy of all things. Unbelievable right?? You see, Blake has a boyfriend. And he's the greatest. Smart, handsome, driven...freaky....

Their relationship has been pretty good for a while now. But right when the month started....he started actin a little strange...being distant....snapping at her...hiding his laundry...and avoiding her questions about their future. Frankly, he's not acting like himself at all.

Is he having trouble at work? Is he cheating on her? The possibilities run through her head endlessly and confusing. And Blake DOES NOT like being confused.

All these thoughts are running through her head and pouring out her mouth as she vents to her best friend. It's late but she can't sleep, and she's hoping that expressing her thoughts will lead to some clarity and peace of mind about her relationship. So focused is Blake on this conversation....that she doesn't hear that scraping sound....


Date Added: October 12, 2020


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Give Her What She Needs...

Its late at night. She's home alone. Naked. Waiting for me. 

She likes to tease through the windows. Walking around with her big fat juicy ass. She know what she doin. And I know what she wants. 

She wants me. Inside of her mouth. Inside of her pussy. She wants my BBC. She wants my Black Ass. She wants my cum.

And I'm going to give it to her.


Date Added: October 9, 2020


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Security Guard Solves The Crime & Punishes Aria's Tight Teenage Pussy!

Im workin my security job today and I swear its always some crazy stuff going on in this spot. I thought a neighborhood like this would have less ratchet people but apparently not! People lettin they pets do whatever, leavin they trash everywhere...i found a used condom in the elevator once! People just nasty!

But they not just nasty...they fuckin reckless too! So check this out! A dude came up in the office mad AF cuz somebody hit his Mercedes! And trust me, I felt his pain. Dude brought in the headlight from his whip! His car got hit so hard the headlight came off! I KNOW he wanted to fuck up whoever did this!

So after I calm him down, and send him on his way, I start up my lil investigation #TopFlightSecurity We got cameras in here, but I'm basically the only one who knows how to access em so it wasn't too hard to track down the muthafucka that hit dudes car....and I think I found the culprit. Look like a young pretty blonde bitch. In a pink fuckin BMW. She backed into this dude car, saw her car was ok, and just drove TF off! Crazy girl. Who does that?

Now it ain't hard to track down a bright pink BMW. Its literally only one registered in this whole building. And I seen the bitch drivin it. Bet she just got her license last week. Well her folks bout to revoke that license QUICK cuz I'm bout to pay her a visit. When her parents find out, I don't think she gonna be able to drive for a long time!


Date Added: October 1, 2020


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Her Tiny Asshole Says Thank You To Black Monster Dick!

Sandra has NOT been having a good day.

She hasn't been having a good week, actually. You see, Sandra scheduled a vacation to the United States while flights were cheap. She probably would have been better off at home. The first 3 days she was there, it rained. And once it stopped raining, most everything she wanted to do and everywhere she wanted to go is closed. And while she was walking around, finding out everything was closed, she lost her wallet. With all her IDS and all her credit cards. Not a good day at all.

But as she was panicking in her room, she got a call from the front desk. Someone had found her wallet, saw the hotel key card in it and came to the hotel to drop it off! And they were heading up to her room now!

Sandra, naturally, is elated! Her vacation is saved! A huge weight has lifted off her! Smiling, Sandra opens the door to see her savior, a large, African American man.

Now she had heard all sorts of things about Americans and the things going on in America....violence, riots, crime....But this particular American had come across town to return her wallet when he didn't have to. He was definitely going to get a reward from her!


Date Added: September 22, 2020


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Your Wife Is Addicted To Big Black Dick!


Its the day before the big day! Yes that's right! Your wedding day! Its what you've been looking forward to for the past year! Everyone's in town, mom and dad are excited. Its going to be the best day of your life because you'll finally, officially be linked with the woman who you'll be spending the rest of your life with! Then why are you so nervous?

Sure, nerves are normal before a wedding...but this doesn't feel like normal pre wedding jitters. You're not worried about the caterers or whether your mom will be nice or whether your uncles will drain the bar. This feels like something is really wrong.

Are you overthinking things? Is your mind inventing problems? Or has she actually been really distant these past couple weeks?

Has she really been working out to fit in that wedding dress every day and sometimes in the evenings too? Did that smell of cologne come from her coworker hugging her? She always laughs it off and says I'm being silly and then talks about the wedding.  She wouldn't be so excited about the wedding if she didn't love you, right? You're being stupid. 

And now that you know you're being stupid, you should go see her and apologize for constantly calling her yesterday when she was at the gym. You know you're not supposed to see the bride before the wedding, like its bad luck or something. But if you had bad luck she wouldn't be in your life would she?

Dismissing these silly thoughts, you jog up the stairs to see your future wife...


Date Added: September 16, 2020


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18 Year Old Angel's 1st Time...

I like to mind my business. That's how I stay outta drama and trouble. Its worked out well so far in life. But sometimes...sometimes you just see sumthin...and you're like...WTF. I GOT to be nosy.

Today for example. I'm headin out finna go to the store. Walk out my spot. And the 1st thing I see? A fuckin snowbunny wearing fishnets and a see thru beach dress wit a bikini underneath. Just chillin in the middle of the hallway.

Now the 1st thing Im thinking is "Damn lil shawty kinda cute!" Second thing I think is "Half naked pretty young bunny in the hallway? This look like a setup." Now like I said normally I woulda just walked on by. But today...somethin in her started makin me a lil curious.

So I start talkin to baby girl. Tryin to see where her head at And it turns out she was supposed to go the beach. Explains the outfit! But she lost her phone and can't find her friends. Explains the chillin in the hallway. So it's not a setup. Which means...I can set something up.

Now me bein a gentleman, I ain't gonna let a pretty girl just sit in the hallway. That'd just be mean. I think I know a spot that'd be a lil more comfortable. My spot. So I invite her in and she's like "Oh, thank you so much!" But in my head I'm thinkin..."how ARE you gonna thank me lil girl?"

I think of a answer to that question real quick. Cuz Angel (that's her name, which is fitting) starts gettin more comfortable and takes off her beach dress, revealing her bikini underneath. BRO. This lil bitch got some FUCKIN DOUBLE D's. BIG JUICY MILKY WHITE TITTIES! I wanna touch em so bad, but in my head I'm thinkin, this too good to be true. So I ask her how old she is.

She said she's 18. 18 YEARS OLD. And she tell me her birthday. She was born in 2002. I'm like nah, I gotta see the ID. I look at it. Baby girl turned 18 A FEW MONTHS AGO. And get this. She never been with a black guy either. At that point I pinched myself. Cuz I had to be dreaming. No way is there a 18 year old half naked snowbunny wit Double D's sitting here ready to fuck. Sometimes it pays to be nosy I guess.


Date Added: September 9, 2020


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No Escape From Her Messy Dreams...

Normally, her slumber is her release. Its where she recharges. Where she escapes. But what she forgets is....there is no escape. No escaping her desires. No escaping what she NEEDS. 

That emptiness in her NEEDS to be filled. The desire inside her NEEDS an outlet. And even in sleep...she'working to fill her desires.

She's drifted off...but she can feel how THICK it is as it stretches. She can taste the salt..the sweat when he buries her face DEEP. She can smell the musk. Even in sleep, she is there. 

There is no escape. So why even try?


Date Added: September 1, 2020


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My Assistant Is An ASSHOLE!

I'm at a pretty good place right now. Just signed a new contract, got some deals goin on...everything is pretty good but also pretty busy; there's A LOT going on. And as busy as I am, I can't keep up with all this by myself.

So I decided to get an assistant! Somebody to do some shopping, arrange my appointments, somebody to basically make sure that my life is on schedule.

Good idea right? So I called up this agency, answered a few questions, and they sent somebody out asap. Easy AF. Almost too easy. That should've told me something.

Cuz the girl they sent out? mean she pretty. Skinny blonde wit blue eyes. Nice lil shape on her. But if I wanted to see a pretty bitch, I would watch a porno. I want a solid assistant. And this bitch ain't cuttin it. They said she's a sports management major but I KNOW she don't be going to class cuz she don't know nothin. Can't drive, fucks up at least four appointments a week, always buying the wrong brands, loses stuff ALL the time...and on top of that she always quiet. Like she plottin or something. She a asshole.

I'm this close to gettin rid of her ass. But she hasn't fucked up in 4 days (a record) so maybe I'll keep her. Who knows. She just might end up surprising me.


Date Added: August 23, 2020


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Nightmare In Her Throat!

Selena loves scary movies. Ghosts, monsters, maniacs...the crazier the better. Almost every night she curls up on the couch and watches one before she falls asleep.

Its a habit that SOMETIMES has consequences. You see, Selena has a VERY active imagination. So whenever she falls asleep she almost always has dreams...or nightmares.

And when she has the nightmares...they feel so real. She can literally feel like she's falling or flying or running. She can feel....everything.

But what she's feeling now is terror! Cuz tonight Selena watched something REALLY scary. A masked slasher going around, wreaking havoc. The things that he did to those poor women...Selena can't get his crazed masked face out of her mind....

Normally Selena tries to finish every movie she watches. But this one might be a little too much so she turns it off. Cuz she knows if she keeps watching and has a nightmare, it'll be A LOT to process.

Date Added: August 22, 2020


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Redhead PAWG Gets A CRAZY Surprise!

You'd think I'd be satisfied. That I'd be good. That all these throbbing cravings and urges would be satiated...because I've been busy. Stretching open holes.

But even though stretching these holes helps temporarily...soon...the throbbing is back. I can't stop. So I won't even try. I'll simply keep watching.

Who am I watching right now? Her name's Amilia. She's Wearing lingerie...talking to a man. Her boyfriend. He loves his girlfriend. I can tell. But tonight? Tonight she's MY girlfriend. MY whore.

She looks so good in her outfit....her big milky white titties...big phat juicy white'd look a lot better with my handprints all over them....

The throbbing. Its back...and more intense...I think I'm done watching. Its time to do some things.


Date Added: August 15, 2020


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Eliza's Not In School Today...

"The morning has just started...but Eliza is NOT feeling it. She thinks, "Omg I cannot believe that school is back open already!!!! At a time like this??? I mean its not like I could do much when there was no school for the summer (thanks mom and dad) but STILL! No school is better than school!"

As she gets out of bed, she makes a decision: "Well guess who is NOT going to school this morning? Me! My parents have to leave for work before I go to school anyway so they'll never know! I'm so bad!"

Feeling energized and newly excited about the day, Eliza goes through her closet, still thinking: "I wonder what I'm going to do? Probably go to the mall or something...there's not a lot of things to do in this lame town but all of them are better than going to school!"

Little does Eliza know...her brother's best friend Branden is on his way to their house to grab something really important...and Branden's always thought Eliza was REALLY cute....


Date Added: August 8, 2020


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