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Not The Interview This Busty Student Was Expecting😈

Mayara keeps hearing how the economy is getting better but she's not feeling it.

As a young college student it's actually kind of hard finding work without a degree.

Her friend keeps joking that she should open an onlyfans but Mayara isn't sure that's a good idea for her, so she kept looking for hours and hours each day.

And thankfully, all that looking for a job with a great salary in her field is paying off.

There's a guy named Branden who owns this company that's hiring and he just called Mayara for an interview! Branden had her originally scheduled for next week but after she sent him her socials for the company to check, he asked her to come in earlier. A good thing right?

Fingers crossed, Maya gets ready to knock on the door....

Date Added: February 23, 2023


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Dreamin' About Stretchin' Her Tight Lil' Holes✨...

Mini doesn't know what it is. But she's been up all nite. It's been impossible to get sum shut eye. And it's really fuqn irritating.

She was up all night watching dumb movies and talking on the phone. Didn't get tired. They just helped her realize she needs to cancel her Internetflix account.

But now its daytime and she STILL can't go to bed.

Talking on the phone doesn't help. Reading doesn't help.

Maybe television again? A different app mite work?

Could be the app or her lil body finally tiring out, but Mini's eyes finally shut and she falls asleep.

Good thing too. Cuz now she doesn't know if she's dreaming....or if a masked man really came in her room....

Date Added: February 13, 2023


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She 18 Now🍭...That Means She Ready For BBC✊🏿

The weekend is rite around the corner and Tiana is ready to turn up🥳 She's been going out soooooo much ever since she turned 18....

Even better, this weekend her parents aren't home. Which means Tiana can stay out as long as she wants😈

Theres just one problem though. Tiana lost her ID. And without her ID, there's no way Tiana can get into the club. No one's gonna believe her if she says she's 18🍭

Tiana DID order a new one and it's supposed to be here today but it still hasn't arrived and Tiana is getting worried😰

She should be worried😈 Not about the ID tho. That's on its way to her spot right now. But the man bringing it up, the security guard, Branden...that's who she should be worried about🥷

Because Branden has...urges🥵😈....and those urges get worse when he sees pretty lil girls like Tiana😈😈 With her tight smooth teenage body👸🏻So pretty...Branden just wants to hold her...caress her...shove his black diq past her soft lips and down her throat💦

Branden knows her 18 year old pussy is gonna be sweet; there's no flavor like it. He can't wait to taste it...get it ready...get her ready for her 1st time....

She doesn't know it yet but Tiana's got a very special delivery🎁 It's a good thing she's already 18🍭


Date Added: February 2, 2023


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Teaching My Racist Tutor To Watch Her Fuqn Mouth🤬



Why should we have to go to class if we come here to play basketball!🤬 We ain't come to play SCHOOL!!! I ain't tryna be no doctor, I'm goin to the league⛹🏿‍♂️ And wit all the bread we make for these schools they at least shouldn't be forcin niqqas to study they ass off all the time!😤 We got games to play!

But this Academic Advisor we got over here said I ain't gonna be able to play if I don't pass this fuqn test😩 So they got me a tutor. And get this. They got me a tutor who still in high school🤦🏿‍♂️ Bitch look like she just started there too. Wat this lil ass girl gonna teach me??

Good ass question rite? I ain't kno how good of a question until this lil girl tried to explain this shii. She smart yea but this bitch can't even tutor👎🏿 She actin like a niqqa spose to know this shii off rip. No, bitch I don't know about the periodic table cuz I'm studying how to defend this big ass niqqa from that school down south this weekend

Won't surprise me if this bitch go to that school down south when she graduate from high school. They racist AF down there and that's the vibe I was gettin from this lil bitch😒

So when she went to the lil girls room, I made sure I ain't go too far. Had a feelin this bitch was lying and I was rite. This lil girl pull out her phone to call sumbody...sound like she got a lil diq white boyfriend. And she was sayin sum shii😠 The type of shii u would expect a lil white bitch from that part of the state to say😡 Heard every N word. Hard R too🤬🤬

Could get her fired from this lil tutoring job🤔 But nah. I ain't no snitch🙅🏿‍♂️I'ma take care of this racist white bitch myself😈 Lets see what this bitch say when she chokin on my big black diq!

Date Added: January 23, 2023


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Up All Night Eatin This Funky Asshole and BBC💩😷🍆

It's late AF. Shouldn't nobody be up this time of night...except niqqas up to no good.

That's why Zerella is a lil surprised when she suddenly jolts up from the dream she was having. She thought she heard something.

Certainly it was just her imagination! No one's up at this time of night...let alone in her spot.

Maybe she should just go back to enjoy her dreams....

Little does Zerella know that someone is in her spot...and that someone needs his big black dick sucked and his sweaty asshole licked for the rest of the night!

Date Added: January 15, 2023


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Broke In Lookin For Sumthin To Suck On💋

I'm always up late. A niqqa can take dabs, count sheep, whatever. But the mind like to stay busy so sumtimes it's hard to go to bed.

I was tryna watch the news tonight to get them z's goin and issa good thing I did.

Niqqas was talkin bout sum break ins in my neighborhood. Sumbody breakin in niqqas houses, cleanin em out. Shii's crazy.

Crazier that like 30 mins after I saw that shii....I heard sumthin.

Heard one of the doors opening up and I KNOW I ain't imagine that shii.

Got sum glizzy's in the spot....but once I see who TF breakin in my shii...once I see them lips....I kno the glizzy ain't gonna be neccessary.

This bitch been cleanin niqqas out? She bout to drain me.


Date Added: January 11, 2023


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New Year But My Diq Stayin In Her Mouth🎉

Every year niqqas make all these resolutions: Save money, work out, eat healthier. Everybody always tryna change sum shii. New year, new me, right?😇

It make sense yea....but sum shii from last year I need to carry over into this new year📅♾📅

Like the way this bitch suck my diq. I need that then, now and forever. Throat on 44,000 every time🥵

Pussy tight and wet too. Grippin my shii like my diq belong in there. Cuz it do🔐

All year round✊🏿


Date Added: January 1, 2023


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Titties And Throat Are Enough For Me!🤪

You Had A Good Christmas? I didn't. Was waitin up all day and night for a fuqn gift and I ain't get shii😤

I'm a simple niqqa to please too. Lowkey only wanted one thing. Sum 🔥🔥🔥🔥 throat. Wat can I say, Ima ho🤷🏿‍♂️

But You Know How After Christmas sometimes u get the shii u wanted on Christmas? Thats what happened this year🤪

Cuz this huge titty bitch-BRUH I'm talkin HUGE TITTY BITCH🤤 came thru still in the Christmas spirit and decided to bless a niqqa🥳

Gave me sum of them BIG ASS TITTIES🍈🍈 That sloppy toppy💦Cleaned a niqqa ass up👅And I blasted in this bitch mouth too✊🏿

That's the type of gift I'm talkin bout🎁 I love the fuqn holidays🎅🏿


Date Added: December 29, 2022


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