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Put BBC Where It Belongs.

It's pretty simple.

She's a whore.

And what do whores do?

They give up their assholes to BIG BLACK DICK.


Date Added: January 8, 2022


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πŸ’œ Racist's Teenage Daughter Makes A New Friend!


Jessica Marie is 18 years old. She's from a small town in the south. Very small, very safe community. People don't even lock their doors. It's a great place to grow up. And the reason-at least according to Jessica's dad-is because there's not that many people of a certain...persuasion around. He uses another word to describe them though....

It's a word that Jessica has heard so much during her 18 years, especially in the past year. Her dad said that the older she gets the more aware she has to be about what certain people would do to a 5 foot tall, 85 pound pretty little white girl. Yeah Jessica's dad is not very openminded. But Jessica is. She watches lots of music videos and reality tv shows so she knows that all the bad stuff her daddy says about certain people is just nonsense. Now Jessica doesn't tell her dad this. You can't convince certain people of anything.

But how does Jessica know all the stuff her dad says about these people is wrong? Because (don't tell her dad) but Jessica's friends with one of the people her daddy hates. He always talks to Jessica when she's walking to and from school....telling her hi...that she's so pretty...encouraging her to go with him and have some fun...saying that him and her can have a party at her house when her parent's aren't home....

Jessica knows her dad's head would explode if he knew this...And his whole body would explode if he knew that Jessica invited this person into her father's home. And this person...he's got some ideas about fun stuff to do with this racist's tiny barely legal teenage daughter....

Date Added: January 1, 2022


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Mommy's Secret? She Needs N***** Dick!


The lady down the hall seems so normal. Just a normal hot MILF. Going to yoga and pilates classes. Eating at healthy spots. Seems so normal. But she has a secret. And her secret is a sex slave.

Pretty taboo nowadays. But mommy has an appetite that all that gluten free food won't satisfy. Mommy needs something more. She needs BBC. Daily. That's why her sex slave has a BIG black dick.

Now keeping a sex slave might sound like all fun and games...but work goes into it. You gotta keep them happy or they might just run off. And then how would mommy satisfy her appetite??

No, keeping a sex slave nowadays requires hard work...and lots of attention....

Date Added: December 25, 2021


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That Big Ass Booty Can Pay Off This Debt!

"I can't believe this is happening. All my life I've stayed out of trouble. Went to college. Never been arrested. And here I am. Good girl Carmela. About to go see a gang member.

Why? Because of my stupid brother. He was out here trying to scam people and he scammed the wrong person. And now this person...this GANG MEMBER...he s threatened my brother. And my stupid brother somehow got me involved in this. And now I have to go talk to this gang member...or else.

I've seen the way he's looked at me before. I've seen the bulge in his pants as he watches my ass while I walk down the street. And now I have to go talk to him. Alone.

I just hope I can convince him to let all of this go."


Date Added: December 18, 2021


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Mia Really Shouldn't Have Let Him Inside The House...

***Watch Barely Legal Mia Kay Take Her Very 1st BBC EVER*****

Mia Kay is home alone bored and has no idea wat to do. Mite as well watch scary movies! Her father NEVER lets her watch them...but he isn't home. So Mia turns off the lights and turns up the volume....but 30 minutes into the movie, and Mia is regretting her decision. This movie is REALLY scary. But the movie is NOTHING compared to real life.

You see...if Mia's parents were home, they would have had her watch the news instead of that scary movie. And if Mia was watching the news...she would know that the police have been warning people about someone people in her neighborhood. This person seems to have an appetite for cute young white girls. Girls like Mia. He's been watching her. Watching her through the window while he beats his thick, swollen big black dick. He knows her parents are out of town. He knows that she's all alone.

What he doesn't know is that Mia Kay is a good girl. And good girls don't have sex. Yep. Mia Kay is intact. She has NEVER been with a black guy before. Branden doesn't know this juicy detail yet. But once he finds a way to get inside her house...and pull down those cute lil panties she's wearing he's going to find out. Because the second Branden's long THICK big black dick slides inside Mia Kay's tight...wet...unspoiled white pussy...he's going to know. He's gonna kno by that grip that he's taking her BBC virginity.

Mia's found something to do. It's going to be a fun night.


Date Added: December 8, 2021


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Melody Parker Knows Wat She's Doin...

Melody always wears the cutest stuff when she come thru. She really know how to show off her...assets.

She kno I luv to watch that ass bounce and jiggle while she walking around. So what does she do? Keep shakin it and twerkin it, while lookin at me with them pretty blue eyes...

Does she kno that she makin my dick hard? Of course she do. She's BBC onlyπŸ‘ŠπŸΏ She kno wat we like.

She knows what she did too, shakin her ass like that. She made this dick grow. And a hard fat black dick & swollen black balls filled with nut need to be drained by a pretty white slut.

Good thing Miss Parker kno wat she doin😏

Date Added: November 30, 2021


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Fast Forward To The Dick Draining!

A pretty lil snowbunny with a wet mouth. And A horny niqqa with a fat black dick.

With that already know whats gonna happen.

Lots and lots of dickdraining! And you can tell this sexy bitch is down for the cause cuz she ate all this meat up!

Made me nut soooooooooo hard. Had cream spraying EVERYWHERE.


Date Added: November 24, 2021


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I Got A Barely Legal Asian Head Monster On Speed Dial...

Life's better when it's not complicated. Nobody likes jumpin thru hoops and doing going thru overly complicated processes.

Sumtimes you just wanna get straight to the point. Sometimes you just wanna put your dick in a pretty bitch without no drama.

Lina is a pretty bitch I know. A pretty barely legal 19 year old petite Asian bitch to be exact. Sound like somebody you would wanna put your dick in, right? DEFINITELY.

Hit her up. Told her I was coming thru. And that's all the info this bitch needed.

I said she was 19 right? You won't believe it from the way she suck dick. Lil girl got hella skill.

That pussy tho? THAT feel like its sum 19 year old pussy. Wet and tight AF. Almost nutted in this bitch hella times.

Had to hold on tho. Cuz sum A1 mouth like hers NEED to get nutted in. Over and over again.

Ima call her again soon.


Date Added: November 15, 2021


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