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An Ass Worship Apology Hits Different!

This bitch been nice to me all day, but I ain't forgot.

She got some nerve tryna act like everything back to normal after wat she did. Bitch had a whole dude all up in my house without even tellin me!

You kno how disrespectful that shii is?? B*tch lucky I don't kick her out!

She just went upstairs sayin she about to get dressed. As if I'm bout to take this bitch out to dinner. Nah. She got a surprise when she come back downstairs.


Date Added: January 27, 2021


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Sera's Tight Teen Pussy Makes Me Forget All About My Ex!

Relationships are hard bro. I been in a few and they can get really good or really bad. Well this last one I had with this bitch Jennifer? Lets just say it didn't go good. I'm glad it ended quick before I got deeper in there tho.

You wouldn't guess that we had only been datin for like 4 months. I got a key to her spot and left hella stuff there too. Bitch loved when I spent the night.

So I let myself in, packing up all my stuff, when outta nowhere, Jennifer roommate Sera charge in the room bout to bust me in the head with a space heater! As if this day couldn't get even more weird!

After I calm this lil girl down, me and Sera get to talkin. And turns out, besides not knowin that me and Jennifer broke up, there's a lot of other stuff that Sera didn't know about her bitch ass roommate.

Like how jealous she was of the attention that Sera got. Pretty girl made her insecure AF...and I can see why. Sera cute AF wit a phat lil booty and the sexiest, most seductive smile. And I'm ngl....Jennifer DEF caught me checkin Sera out before...she was mad AFFFFFF!

When I was with Jennifer, I couldn't do nothin but look at Sera...thinkin bout her lookin up at me as she drained my dick...about her tight her lil teenage pussy is...but now that me and Jennifer broke up...I can do more than just look...


Date Added: January 19, 2021


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Sara Jay's Motivation Techniques Work Very Well!

Sara Jay (or Ms. Jay as her students call her) has been teaching for some time now and its very fulfilling work for her. Helping shape young men's lives is work that she enjoys.

But even though she enjoys it, the work can be pretty challenging. Bureaucracy, parents and of course the students. There are plenty of students who are engaged in class and plenty that just don't care about school.

One of the student's that Ms. Jay has this year is Branden. Sara had initially taken a liking to Branden at the beginning of the year. He was so adorable! Engaged in class, good grades....he really seemed like he was going to have a bright future. But then something changed.

A couple of months ago, Branden stopped participating in class as much. That is, when he even bothered to show up. He'd gone from perfect attendance to coming once or twice a week.

There was a shift in his coursework as well. At first, there were mostly A's with only a few B's. Now? Mostly C's with a couple D's. He's always on his phone in class. And Ms. Jay's seen him hanging out with some other students at school who are bad news. Any teacher could see that something was wrong. But whenever Ms. Jay tried to talk to Branden, he gave her some lame excuse. At first she was hopeful that he would snap back to normal. But that was before he forgot his bag in her class.

At first, when Ms. Jay saw it she wasn't sure whose it was. So she opened it. And that's when she saw the books with Branden's name and handwriting on them....and something else. Something not good. A mask.

Ms. Jay knows what type of students wear those masks. The bad ones. The ones who are on a path to trouble. And she doesn't want Branden to go down that path. That's why Ms. Jay decided to pay him a house call. To make sure that he stays on the right path to a successful future. All he needs is a little motivation.


Date Added: January 9, 2021


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My Roommate's Girl Is A RACIST BITCH!


Me and Josh been roommate's for about a year now. He's a cool white dude. Smokes a lot, gets into some crazy stuff sometimes but he aint a bad person to live with usually. But Josh do have one problem. His bitch.

Josh been datin this blonde white bitch named Lee for a lil minute. And I just don't fuck wit her. I mean she ain't bad looking. Bitch got some BIG ASS TITTIES. They triple Ds or Es. I know the homie Josh be motorboating the fuck out em.

But..I think the bitch is racist. NGL I do be checking her out sometimes. Cuz she KNOW her titties big AF so she be wearing the sexiest outfits to show them bad boys off. So sometimes she catch me looking but then she give me a look. Like I'm some sort of animal. Like this bitch better than me cuz she white. Make me wanna slap the shit out her dumb ass.

She always make a point of holding her purse tight AF when i'm around. She came over once wearing a fucking MAGA hat til Josh told her stupid ass to take it off. She always complain loud AF when me and Josh listening to rap music, talmbout "This is noise. Who listens to this?" BITCH half of America listen to this music! Once they went out to eat and she gave me her fuckin leftovers and said "I thought you loved fried chicken?" So many stories I got about this hoe. Bitch is racist bro.

But all them stories ain't NOTHING compared to what happened today. Josh was out so I was doin my thing, watchin some porn online. Beat my meat right quick and made a lil mess. That's what happens when u got a big black dick.

So I went to get something to clean it up and this bitch come in (Josh gave her a key). And she on the phone with the homie...and the stuff she was sayin bro! Racist AFFFF! N Word this, drug dealer that. Bro i knew she was racist but i ain't know she was like that! Bitch straight out a Klan rally. I listened to her whole conversation. And it made me fuckin mad. Stupid ass big titty white bitch. If Josh can't control his bitch mouth, then I will.


Date Added: December 31, 2020


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Her Tight Pink Teenage Pussy Is Gonna Be A Lil Distracting!

Tomorrow's the big day! After all these years of dating, Sasha finally wore me down and I'm bout to get married! I saw all the plans my girl made and it looks like its gonna be epic!

But Sasha been soooo busy planning out this wedding that I haven't seen her at all! Haven't got no hugs, no kisses, no NOTHING for a while. And lemme tell you, I appreciate everything she doin to plan this while I work...but I miss her. I need her.

So I decided to surprise her! Now she DID say she can't see me before the wedding cuz of tradition and all that other bullsh*t. But I figured out a way around that: a mask! That way we won't see each other!

We don't live together yet, but she gave me a key to her spot. But when I let myself in to surprise her....I'm the one who gets surprised!

My boo Sasha isn't home...but her teenage sister Aria is. Now seeing Aria isn't a surprise; I'm bout to marry her sister, so I been seeing Aria for years....but I've never seen Aria like this.

Her fuckin hair is pink. This lil girl KNOW how her sister is, how her sister likes everything to be just right, how her sister loves to plan shit...and Aria, her little sister who's in the wedding has pink hair! LOL! Aria is bout to get disowned! Her sister might even beat her up!

But her hair isn't the only thing that caught my attention....I'm guessing lil Aria wasn't expecting company...cuz when I walked in with the mask on...she was on the phone...sittin there in just a shirt and panties....

I've known Aria ever since I started datin her sister...and not gonna lie...I've been watching her. Thinking about her...about how her cute face would look as she gazes up at me while she struggle to deepthroat my fat black dick. Thinking about how tight her lil teenage pussy she gonna moan as I fill it with inch after inch of BBC. Watching her sit there in her panties...wit her phat bubble's makin me forget all about getting married tomorrow...all about the bachelor party tonight....

There's only one thing on my mind. How am I gonna use this pink hair on Aria to get inside her tight pink teen pussy.


Date Added: December 24, 2020


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Big Tit Schoolgirl Does ANYTHING You Want!

It's that time of year where everybody and they momma are out there tryna buy the latest and hottest video games and video game consoles! The consoles sold out in most stores but thankfully I preordered mines a while ago which means I'm ready to play all these new titles! I don't know how these video games keep gettin better and better but they do! Realistic FFFF!

There's this one company who I bought a game from before called Fapcom. They make some fire games with hella codes & unlockables. There's this forum I go to that details everything u need to do to get the most out of every game they make. And they always make games with REALLY sexy girls.

This latest one is a fighting game. And one of the best characters is this girl named Skylar Vox. She can do all sorts of crazy combos. She definitely got skill.

And she sexy AF. Got the purple hair, face made up. She fights in this Japanese school girl uniform that can barely contain her giant fuckin titties.

I play with her all the time. I like seeing her jumping up and down....doing flips and all that cuz them titties be moving too.

Now in EVERY Fapcom game, after u beat the game with every character, unlock every costume, find every secret item, now can get the ability to put in a code where u can bring certain characters out the game and directly to you...and since you own the game and got the controller...u can control HER.

Took forever, but I think i finally figured out the final code to put in. Moment of truth. If this work...I'm bout to do some bad things to this bitch...


Date Added: December 15, 2020


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Arabic Camgirl Gets An Unexpected Tip While Streaming Live!

It can be really lonely for a lot of guys during this time of year, especially with everything going on. But that means its a great time for girl's like Mona!

You see, Mona is a Cam Girl. Every night she gets online to talk and perform for her many fans. And they love her. Her room's always packed.

Today's no different. It's a full house and the fans are eager to tip. And Mona, wearing a sexy black & white outfit one of her fans sent her, gets ready to put on a show.

But...had Mona not been so busy getting ready for her show...she would have noticed the urgent breaking news alert.

You see...there's someone on the loose. A psycho with an insatiable appetite. And he's in her neighborhood. As a matter of fact...he's right down the street. Getting closer...and closer...looking in windows...seeing who's home alone. Seeing what pretty girls are in need of love and affection.

Mona's fans are in for a treat. They're about to get a very special live show....


Date Added: December 7, 2020


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Don't Leave Your Unhappy Girlfriend Around Him...

Leah's been dating Carson for about 8 months now and to say its NOT going great would be an understatement. It wasn't like that at first. In the beginning, the relationship was going great. They always do. But then Carson got comfortable and you know what happens when guys get comfortable: his true personality came out!

Carson is everything a girl doesn't want in a boyfriend: rude, lazy, cheap, annoying, forgetful, dumb...the list goes on and on. Its hard for Leah to think of a reason why she's still with him. He's a good cuddler? That is when he's not farting in his sleep.

But Leah, ever the optimist, believes she can turn this relationship around. That's why she pushed and pushed for Carson to be ready for their date tonight. Carson said that he had a Lacrosse game but would be on time. Well Leah just got to the apartment where Carson and his roommate live and guess what time it is (date time) and guess who isn't here (Carson).

Carson texts Leah, letting her know he's going to be late (even though he promised he would be on time) and Leah's exasperation is much so that Carson's roommate, B, notices. And even he knows what's pissing her off. Carson! It's always Carson! It never stops with him. He irritates everybody!

Turns out that Carson's roommate is on the Carson hate train too. B says that Carson is messy and doesn't pay his rent, which prompts Leah to start complaining about Carson again...which gives Leah a naughty idea....


Date Added: November 30, 2020


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