Broke In Lookin For Sumthin To Suck On💋

I'm always up late. A niqqa can take dabs, count sheep, whatever. But the mind like to stay busy so sumtimes it's hard to go to bed.

I was tryna watch the news tonight to get them z's goin and issa good thing I did.

Niqqas was talkin bout sum break ins in my neighborhood. Sumbody breakin in niqqas houses, cleanin em out. Shii's crazy.

Crazier that like 30 mins after I saw that shii....I heard sumthin.

Heard one of the doors opening up and I KNOW I ain't imagine that shii.

Got sum glizzy's in the spot....but once I see who TF breakin in my shii...once I see them lips....I kno the glizzy ain't gonna be neccessary.

This bitch been cleanin niqqas out? She bout to drain me.


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