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There's A Black Man In His Daughter's Room๐Ÿฅบ...


Jessica's dad always told her monsters were real.

He would tell her about goblins and ogres and manticores....terrifying creatures that would always end up somewhere in her room. The stories would scare her so much.

But the scariest ones were the ones her dad talked about the most. Her daddy really doesn't like these ones. He said that these monsters are dark and evil. And they LOVE to take lil blonde blue eyed white girls like Jessica away to someplace called the hood where they do...unspeakable things to them.

Jessica had heard so many bad stories about the hood. She definitely did not want some monster to take her there and do bad things to her. So she always listened to her daddy when he told her to stay away from them. Cuz they're always lurking.

So when Jessica hears a noise under her bed...she thinks it could be a monster. But it's nothing. She's safe. Or so she thinks.

Because she did hear something under her bed. There's someone in her room....and he wants to do very bad things to Jessica's tight young teenage pussy and throat.

Date Added: June 22, 2022


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Sum Scary Gaping & Stretching For Gia's Asshole!


Gia's doing it again. She's been up late all night watching scary movies.

Her daddy always told her. Don't watch these before bed. They're going to give you nightmares. But Gia keeps doing it anyway. She's a bad girl.

Tonight tho? She'll wish she had. Cuz her daddy? He isn't home. But Gia isn't going to be alone for long.

You see...there's someone in the neighborhood. Someone with....needs. He notices the light coming from Gia's spot. And when he gets closer...he sees something phat. Something juicy. Something that can satisfy his perverted needs.

Gia doesn't notice any of this. She's busy jumping from the scary movie...every jump her juicy white ass bounces...making the big black dick of the stranger watching her grow longer...harder...into a weapon. A weapon that he's going to use to open up Gia's pretty lil asshole.

Her daddy told her not to watch scary movies. Gia really should have listened. But she didn't. And her asshole is going to suffer.


Date Added: June 8, 2022


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Her Husband Is Out Of Town This Weekend...


It's a long holiday weekend. So u kno wat that mean: PARTY TIME!

Jackie isn't much of a party animal though. She's staying home, keeping the house together while her husband is out drinking with his college buddies. They're only in town this weekend so Jackie knows he's gonna be out a while catching up.

She's going to wish he came home early today tho. Cuz during these long holiday weekends....niqqas is out here scammin...and sumtimes more.

Branden been lurkin around Jackie neighborhood for a few days. Checking out shii. Watchin people. He been watchin Jackie. He seen her go to the store a few times...he can't help but notice her cuz this white bitch got sum big ass titities. Branden know her pussy least its gonna be until he put his BBC in there.

He just seen her again. Thats gotta be a sign. This bitch out here parading these big ass titties all around. She beggin for a niqqa to fuq her up. And that's exactly what she gonna get.

Date Added: May 29, 2022


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Gimme That Demon Time Treatment!

It happen to all of us. It's late at night....but u not sleepy...the opposite really. Ur wide awake. You're UP. Bricked up.

Ain't no beatin off gonna do it this time. Nah. This diq need something else. Something WET.

Times like this call for that SPECIAL TREATMENT. And when you need that SPECIAL TREATMENT...U kno who to call.

Sumbody who kno how to suck diq. Somebody wit some WET throat. A bitch wit a big phat juicy ass and a lil tight pussy.

U gotta call a demon๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Date Added: May 20, 2022


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Brace Face Redhead Studies BBC Before Her Exam!

Scarlet has had such a long day at school. Final exams are coming up so it's study study study all the time: Scarlet has to get an A in this biology class in order to get her college scholarship for her freshman year this Fall and there's NO WAY she's losing out on that. So even though biology sucks, she's gotta put in that work.

There's just one problem. Scarlet doesn't have her biology book. She was with her friend earlier...and she must have left it in her friend's car.

Well actually it's her friend's brother's car. Branden. Scarlet's met Branden before; she doesn't think he'll have a problem bringing the book; he's a nice guy.

Scarlet's right; he is a nice guy...usually. But sometimes Branden gets REALLY horny. Uncontrollably horny. And one of the things that gets him REALLY horny is pretty lil girls like Scarlet. He's been watching her ever since she became friends with his sister. He's real familiar with that slim lil body...that pretty metal smile...her long pretty she has a pretty hairs down there too...or maybe she doesn't...

Branden been doin more than watching tho. He been thinking too. Thinking about his big black dick sandwiched between her pretty braces. He's been thinking about how dark his black dick gonna look next to her milky white skin...before he shove it deep inside her lil pussy. He been thinking about her moaning and screaming while she struggle to take his dick....her cute lil braces glistening every time she open her mouth...

Normally when Branden has these thoughts, he knows all he can do is think. Maybe beat his meat while fantasizing. But today's different. Branden has the book with all Scarlet's notes...the book she needs to study for her test. That book is valuable to her. And there's only two things he'll exchange for this book: deep throat and young white pussy.

Date Added: May 13, 2022


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My Assistant Need Her Ass Straightened Out!

Things are busier than ever right now. More deals, more revenue, more opportuniies...more things to do. Issa lot. Which is why I have a assistant. Cuz in theory, a assistant is supposed to know what she doing and make my life easier.

My assistant Kendra make life easier on the eyes...she a pretty bitch and she definitely got sum ass on her. But as far as actual assistant type stuff? She not makin my life easier at all. She always fuqn up. 2 weeks ago she forgot to book a hotel and the price went up $1,000. Last week she forgot to call back somebody very, very important and I almost missed out on a big ass deal. And now I'm sitting here waiting for her to get here with all my equipment so that we can catch this flight. Except the flight left a hour ago.

That was the last flight out today. Which means that my entire trip gonna have to be pushed back. Because of my fuqn assistant Kendra. I've had it with this bitch. Soon as she get here she gettin fired. Ain't nothin this bitch say gonna change my mind.


Date Added: May 6, 2022


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Mia Learns Not To Hook Up With Strangers Online...

Mia Kay is sooooo excited! A couple of weeks ago, Mia downloaded an app to talk to cute local boys. Her parents DO NOT know about this and would absolutely flip if they found out! They don't think Mia is old enough to talk to boys.

But Mia thinks she's old enough for anything. She just started driving, college applications are around the corner...she's a big girl now. She can handle talking to boys. In fact, she's been talking to this one guy for the longest. His name is Branden and he's sooooo cute. He's from Greenwich, Connecticut, 6'1, blond, blue eyes and he surfs and plays Lacrosse! He's so dreamy!

He's been wanting to see Mia for the longest, asking her to come see him but its always in this part of town where her parent's told her never to go because it's too dangerous. Mia's wondering why Branden is always over there (he says that's where his friend lives) but it makes him even more exciting to her!

Today they don't have to worry about meeting spots tho because Mia's parent's are out of town til she's going to be all alone. Perfect time to send Branden her address! She's so excited to see him!

It's going to be really, really exciting. Because Branden...isn't who he seems. He's not from Greenwich. He can't surf. He doesn't know what Lacrosse is. He's not blonde. His eyes aren't blue. His eyes are black...just like the rest of him...including his FAT...THICK...SWOLLEN BLACK DICK. Branden's been waiting a long time to meet Mia. He loves little snowbunnies like Mia. Pretty faces...soft skin...tight WET YOUNG PUSSY. Yea Branden can't wait to introduce himself to Mia...every single inch....


Date Added: April 29, 2022


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Take A Field Trip Down Her Throat!

You never know how your day gonna go. I'm chillin in my hotel headin back to my room (needed to get some โ›ฝ๐Ÿ˜‰) and I decide to take the stairs cuz you know health and shii. I'm headin up the stairs and wat do I see chillin in the stairwell? A pretty lil girl all by herself dressed in white.

She cute asl. Say her name Zerella and that she here wit her school for a tennis tournament. I remember I did see some buses outside the hotel but if I had knew it was a bunch of sexy school girls on that bus I woulda paid closer attention. I got one of em in front of me now tho...

I know this pretty girl Zerella was smokin out here on the stairwell by herself. I also know she definitely not old enough to be smokin that stuff. So she must be a bad girl. And bad girls usually like doin bad things.

I'm gonna see how much nasty shii I can get this pretty lil girl to do before her curfew...


Date Added: April 20, 2022


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