Cheating Phat Ass MILF Gotta Take Black Dick Too!🍑💍🍆

You always see sum crazy stuff working in these high rises downtown.

Today wasn't no different. I'm out here just doin my job, droppin sum packages off to the people that live here.

And I see this dude comin out the spot I'm spose to go to next. Peep this...dude ain't the one that live there...but he got a wife....and its the middle of the day when I kno the dude that live there at work.

Yeaaaaa. She steppin out on her dude. He unlucky AF cuz his wife fine asl. She like dressin like a slut so I see her all the time wit her ass hanging out And that shii be BOUNCING.

I know her dude would be mad AF knowin another niqqa clappin his bitch.

She prolly dont want him to find out rite?

Bet she would do anything to keep that lil secret...even takin black dick. Mite even lick a niqqa asshole too...


Date Added: August 7, 2023


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