Stepsister Gotta Give Up Sum Ass If She Not Tryna Get In TroublešŸ˜ˆ

I'm not sure why but I always had trouble sleeping. I gotta have a TV on or sumthin usually. I was watchin sumthin on TV and fell out...and then sumthin woke my ass up! I sleep light AF. Ain't nobody sneaking up on me!

But wasn't nobody tryna sneak UP on me...sumbody was tryna sneak IN!

Who? My bad ass step sister Amari. Knew she was trouble as soon as I met her after my mom married her pops.

This bitch got everybody fooled. She look innocent AF, like she don't even know what the words "trouble" and "party" mean. But that shii all a act. Amari bad AF. She always goin out partying, hangin out wit niqqas she not supposed to.

And tonight ain't no different. She walking in tryna be quiet but of course I hear her ass stumbling around.

She lucky her dad outta town workin and my moms be xtra sleep. Her dad already told her ass she got a new curfew and I kno she aint tryna get in trouble wit him. Its a party she been goin crazy waitin for and if she got on his bad side, he would make sure her ass was locked TF down.

Maybe I'm half sleep still but ngl sis lookin sexy asl. Always thought she was pretty AF. Shii she my step sister so we aint related and I got eyes TF! Look at her pretty ass. That dress hugging her lil body. I kno she tight...

Wonder how bad she tryna get to keep me from telling her daddy how bad she is...

Date Added: August 22, 2023


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