Her Homework Is Suqn Black Dick & Eatin Ass🤓📚🏫

I swear even if you not in school u always know when it start up again. Traffic ass, back to school specials everywhere, can't escape that shii even if you already graduated!

I'm at the homie spot waitin for traffic to clear out (he already bounced cuz he don't give AF) and finishing this blunt when dude lil sister Zerella come walking up to me smiling wit a book.

She just got outta class, I saw her come in wit her backup. Now her uniform look a lil different, I guess cuz she go to public school. But she in school, and this bitch know I finished college. I already know whats coming.

"CaN yOu hELp mE wiTh mY hOmeWorK?" she said. BRUUUHHHH! I spent soooo long in school I DO NOT wanna look at them textbooks again. I been working my ass off all day too, I'm tryna finish smoking and head home so I can smoke some more. "Nah, I got a lotta shii to do." This bitch Zerella pretty AF but I ain't no fuqn simp. I ain't doin nobody homework. I paid my dues! And ain't shii she can say to change my mind!


Date Added: August 31, 2023


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