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Landlord's Big Booty Daughter Takes BBC For The Culture!

My dad is the landlord at this building and he's always being a dick to the people who live here. I hear the complaints constantly: about how he never fixes things, how he harrasses people about the most mundane things, he's an ass.

When I was off in college for my freshman year, I learned about how people like my dad keep the working class down. They make sure that hard working people have to struggle day in and day out to survive. Its not right.

Recently I overheard my dad cussing out this young black guy who lives in the building. The guy-I think his name is Branden-is just a little late with his rent but my dad is acting like its the end of the world. My dad even threatened to evict the guy! He really needs to relax.

My professors in college say that if I dont speak out against injustice I've chosen the side of the oppressor. And what my dad is doing is injustice. So I'm definitely going to use my privilege to do something about this.

I might not be able to pay Branden's rent for him. But i can definitely talk to my dad...and I have something that I KNOW will take his mind off of his troubles for a little bit...

After me and Branden talk, I think my dad will learn to be a little nicer to his tenants...especially once he figures out that his little girl is going to be carrying a little bit of the working class in her belly for the next 9 months....


Date Added: November 5, 2019


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Ass Slurping Niki Reintroduces Herself!

Making new friends is great.

There's tons of people we meet everyday who have very different backgrounds and lifestyles, people who are more than capable of teaching us a thing or two.

This is why, whenever one has the opportunity to chill with someone who is really's definitely in one's interest to do so. It helps us all grow.

That's what Niki decided to do today. She met a really cool, really motivated guy out today named Branden. They got to talking, one thing led to another and the two decided to go out to lunch. And Niki was CERTAIN she was going to enjoy her meal.

However, with Niki and Branden coming from different backgrounds, the lunch they decided to have was pretty unique. But it definitely left Niki's mouth watering...


Date Added: November 2, 2019


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Demonic Anal Violation Is The Sacrifice The Evil Spirit Requires!

Charlotte has always been an unconventional girl. When the other girls were playing with barbie dolls, Charlotte was playing with ouija boards and pentagrams. From her hair to her attire to her manner, she has opened herself up to darkness.

You see, Charlotte worships the devil. Has been for years. She's pledged to him and his brethren, mind, body and soul. Evil is what she hungers for. 

Every year when the stars align, and the dark magic is at its strongest is when Charlotte is at her happiest. And that time is now. The time when the boundaries between our realm and that where the demons dwell weakens. The time when evil is let loose.

For the last several years Charlotte has been trying to summon one of her favorite demons, Brandonnicus. While Brandonnicus took the form of a masked man, he was anything but. A monster with a fearful reputation, Brandonnicus was known in the days of old as being extremely violent...and perverted. Villagers feared leaving their daughters outside lest he snatch them up and violate them.

But none of that makes Charlotte afraid. Rather, it excites her. She is a virgin, yes. But she knows that this fact will only excite him. Charlotte knows that in order to be truly one with the black arts she must allow for the demon to possess her and be allowed to fulfill all his twisted desires on her virgin body.

Charlotte also knows that today...the time is ripe. She has failed to summon him in the past, but today she has been extra careful, extra deliberate. Today is the day. That all of her dark prayers and desires are finally fulfilled.


Date Added: October 24, 2019


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Violent Thug Delivers A Message To Lexy's Mouth

Lexy loves her boyfriend Antonio. Hes just the greatest. Great sense of humor, thoughtful and always so caring.

They've been dating for a couple of years now and Lexy has gotten to know a LOT about him. She knows that hes allergic to shellfish. She knows that he likes to smoke before dinner. And she knows that the way he makes his money is...questionable.

But that's ok. Nobody is perfect. And Antonio always keeps his business activities away from her in order to protect her. He would never let anyone hurt her. Or at least that's what Lexy thought. You see, Antonio has pissed off some very powerful people. And those people are hell bent on sending him a message. Branden, a member of a rival cartel, has been dispatched to send that message to Antonio. However, Antonio is out conducting business. But Lexy is home...unprotected. Vulnerable. Alone. Once Branden talks to her and...explains exactly how much trouble Antonio is in, he KNOWS that Lexy will deliver the message to Antonio.


Date Added: October 20, 2019


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Big Ass Party(girl) Gets Busted WIDE Open!


It had been a quiet, nondescript evening. No arrests, no incidents. Nothing has really been shaking tonight.

That all might be about to change. We received a call from a neighbor regarding a noise complaint in a neighborhood about 10 miles from here. Looks like there's gonna be some action tonight.

It should be expected. During this time of year, we get a lot of complaints from neighbors, particularly about loud music, under the influence behavior and scantily clad women. Its like multiple strip clubs opening up on every block every year.

As I pulled up, I could see the homeowner through the window. A young white woman. Half naked. Who seemed to be in a pretty good mood because she was twerking...showing off all her assets.

I could also see lots and lots of spirit bottles and hear lots and lots of loud music. It appears the noise complaint was legitimate. This woman clearly doesn't have any respect for her neighbors. It seems as though I'll have to teach her some. This lady is about to get in some real trouble.


Date Added: October 15, 2019


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Asslicking Schoolgirl Gets Educated On Deepthroating BBC!

The educational system is pretty messed up nowadays. Teachers are underpaid, college is really expensive, schools are underfunded, its such a mess. Thinking about it makes it very difficult to relax.

With all these problems in the system, its no wonder far too many little girls stop paying attention in school and place their focus in other activities.

When the teachers aren't teaching in the classroom, this makes it worse. Teachers are role models and when the students can't look up to them, they focus their attention on other older figures. And sometimes those figures have questionable moral character.

Its imperative that citizens strive to make sure that WE are doing everything possible to ensure that our school's our being funded and the young students, especially the little girls, are being served properly.

Working together is the only way that we can ensure a bright future for the next generation.


Date Added: October 11, 2019


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Tiny Young Teen's Virginity Taken By Big Black Dick!

My girlfriend and I have been dating for about a year now. We hang out. We talk on the phone. It's been going ok. But I have a confession to make. And it's kinda bad.

When I went to my girlfriend's house for the first time, I met her parents...and her little sister Allie. And ever since then, I can't stop thinking about Allie. Shes so young...but shes just so fuckin cute...I cant help it. I want to do so many things to her.... I imagine what her tight young pussy feels like. She's so little I already know she'll have trouble taking my Big black dick. She'll squirm...and cry...and probably scream. But I'll keep trying to stuff it in there...because good little girls eventually have to grow up.

This is what crosses my mind all the time. My girlfriend doesn't know I have these thoughts of course. She would be angry and creeped out at the fact that I think of her little sister that way. But I can't help it. If you looked in that little girls blue eyes you would have the same thoughts too. I think that Allie thinks of me that way too. I see the way she stares sometimes...the way she flirts a little bit...she's caught me getting a boner staring at her before and she just giggled...but she didn't tell she wants it right?

Allie was on my mind as I arrived at my girlfriends house...but when I got to her house, even though we were supposed to go shopping, she wasn't there...and neither were her parents...but Allie was there...home alone...she answered the door in some short shorts and I almost lost innocent...

Allie went back to her room, leaving me with my lurid thoughts, but as I was waiting, something told me to go to her room...and when I opened the door...when I saw her in her in all her young innocence...I knew this was my fulfill all my fantasies and help her grow up... FULL VIDEO

Date Added: October 8, 2019


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Nosy Best Friend Gets A Lesson From Big Black Dick

I'm so sick of this bitch Bricele and her big ass fuckin mouth!

Lemme explain. Me and my girl Suzanne been together for about a year. Suzanne...she cool. Kinda entertaining. I like hanging around her. But in the bedroom....Suzanne just aint cuttin it! Her head game trash, her pussy average...she just aint gettin the job done. And I'm a freak. I gotta have certain things in the bedroom.

So of know a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I got a couple lil sidepieces I keep, you know, to keep me satisfied, when I need a break, all that. Nothing wrong with that right? Suzanne is my #1 so it aint really cheating. But this BITCH Brie? She don't see it that way. That bitch just keep talkin shit to Suzanne about me, telling her I'm cheatin, spying on me, sayin I aint shit, all this bullshit. She deadass tryna break me and Suzanne up! And that shit got me sooooo heated!

I got Suzanne wrapped around my finger. Everytime I slip up, I can always explain my way out the doghouse. But because of Brie being all up in Suzanne ear, I been having to constantly explain my way outta shit A LOT and that shit starting to get stressful.

Brie always been a nosy ass bitch. Always up in other people business, gossiping and talking shit. And she got money too so you know she stuck up. Been wanting to fuck this bitch up for a minute!

And I finally figured something out because Suzanne be telling me everything about Brie. So what Im gonna do is send Suzanne to her favorite spa, tell her to leave her phone so she can fully relax...and then use that phone to get Brie over here. And once she over her, I'ma let her know exactly how I feel.


Date Added: September 30, 2019


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