My Arabic Wife Has Disgraced Our Marriage And MUST Be Punished!

I do not understand this. After all the hard work I have done. My wife, my beautiful Iranian wife has disgraced our marriage.

I brought her here from the Middle East. To cook, to clean, to bear me strong sons and obedient daughters. To be a good wife. And at first, I was happy. The house was clean. I ate well. We are building a family. But then when my hours were cut at my job...she began to act out. In a manner unbecoming of the obedient wife I thought I married.

I caught her applying for jobs, including one at an adult club! She said that she was not going to be dancing for other men, only serving them intoxicating drinks and food while dressed in slutty if that makes it better! I made sure she did not sleep well that night!

I have caught her wearing makeup after work and she says that it is so she can look pretty for me. As if she did not know that I feel a woman in a hijab is the pinnacle of beauty. There is something that she is hiding. And today...when I came home early I found out.

My beautiful, devout chaste wife...has been taking pictures and videos of herself and posting them online! Naked pictures and videos! Showing off WHAT IS MINE TO STRANGERS! SHOWING THEM WHAT BELONGS TO ME!

She has betrayed me. She has disgraced me. This country has corrupted her and warped her mind. I will correct it. She must be taught a lesson. She must be punished.

If she wants to act like a slutty American whore...I will treat her like one.


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