Take All 12 Inches Of MONSTER BBC To Cheer On The Team🍆

Bein a cheerleader is really fun📣You get to travel✈️ you get to help your school🏟️ meet cool people...it's dope🤪

Usually😒 When your team is winning, everything is great😀Cuz then you've got sumthin to cheer for!

But when your team is losing again☹️ and again😡 and again🤬...then it's not so easy being a cheerleader😩

While most cheerleaders would be happy just workin through it, Zerella isn't most cheerleaders🏆 She takes her job of hyping up the team seriously. So she's gotta visit a new player.

Treyy just joined the team⛹🏿‍♂️ His stats are great but he hasn't played yet. He's got a pretty important role on the team tho, so Zerella has to REALLY make sure that he's ready for his next game.

There's a reason Zerella's the head cheerleader🥇She gets things done💪🏼


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