School Just Started But There's A Test On BBC Today😈

I can't believe they got us back in this boring ass school already! School JUST got out a few months ago and now we gotta go back??? Bullshii. I miss all that virtual stuff where I could just stay home. But nah, we got real school again. Yay.

And because we got real school, that mean we got real work to do. After the 2nd day of class this bitch ass teacher Miss Newton talmbout "Lets see wat you learned this summer!" Bitch I sure as hell ain't learn about The Era of Good Fuqn Feelings that's for sure.

But because I'm on the basketball team and because I fuqd up last year (as my tutor Tristan keep reminding me) every test for the next few months is extra important cuz I got to maintain my eligibility. If I fail another test, I gotta sit out, everybody gon be on my head, team prolly gonna lose the next game, all that whack shii. So yay. Time to study.

But even though we got to study, this lil tutor girl Tristan (who cute AF ngl) aint really makin this study shii fun. Niqqas watch National Geographical and Discovery and be hooked for hours binging that shii. Learning can be fun.

I'm not even gon hold u. Wat I REALLY wanna learn about is how tight Tristan pussy is. She always be actin all serious and studious cuz she got a 4.6 or whatever GPA. But u kno wat I think? I think she a freak. I already peeped she not wearin no panties. Niqqa observant!

I seen the lil white boy she talkin too and I already kno he not thrashin her shii like it need to be. Prolly why she always got a attitude to begin wit. That's why i think lil Miss Tristan need to study sumthin too. She need to study this black diq. Cuz it's bout to be a test on how much of my meat I can fit up in this pretty lil metal mouth white bitch. Hope she pass.

Date Added: September 1, 2022


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