Tell Me I'm Better Than My Sister...

Blue has been on the phone for almost an hour and the topic of conversation is of course Marie.

Blue and Marie may be siblings..but they do not have a warm and fuzzy family relationship. The two are soooo different and those differences show just about every time the two are around one another...and since they both live together...they see each other a lot. Not today since Marie is out...but she's still the topic of conversation of course.

That is...until someone knocks at the door. And that someone is Branden, Marie's boyfriend. Blue and Branden have met before, but never when Marie is around (In addition to being a cunt, Marie is also a jealous bitch).

And even though Blue doesn't like Marie...Blue has no beef with Branden. Oh sure, there were those times when he was fucking Marie so hard that the screaming kept Blue up all night...but those were happy nights Blue spent thinking about getting filled with BBC instead of greedy Marie.

Yeah Branden isn't the problem. As a matter of fact...Branden might be the solution to Blue's problem with Marie. Cuz Marie isn't around today...and she's not gonna be back for a while...meaning someone is gonna have to keep Marie's boyfriend occupied...


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