A Mother Will Do ANYTHING For Her Son...Even Taking BBC Up The Arse!

Remember when you were growing up, and your mum told you all those fairy tales? You know, the ones about true love, Prince Charming, all that? Well she lied. Prince Charming is a bloody myth.

I believed all that rubbish for years. I met a guy in secondary school. And he said all the right things, did all the right things. And like a fool, I fell for it. I fell for him and all his lies. And even worse, I let the fucker knock me up. It wasn't until years later...YEARS...that I realized that this chap was not only CHEATING ON ME, but he was supporting us with a whole criminal enterprise! All of it, illegal! I can't tell you how I felt when I found that out. The government took everything. Everything. Leaving me all alone to raise a son by myself. Fuck me!

It'd be great if the story turned into a fairy tale and the lil twerp worked hard, made it, took care of his mum and we lived happily ever after. But of course not. I have to struggle working long and hard 6 days a week like a slave in order to provide for us. And I thought I was doing it right. The lad had good grades, seemed adjusted, all that. But no. Like his idiot father, he let me believe one thing, and then here I am surprised to discover something else.

And that discovery came when a BLOODY copper came to my door. Came knocking at my door after a hard days work, telling me that MY SON, my good boy was involved in....DRUG TRAFFICKING? Assault? Oh no, not my son. I must be seeing things.

I refuse to let my son go the path of his father. I refuse to let him get caught up in the system. I refuse to let all my bloody hard work go to waste. I am a mother. And mothers know that they will do anything. ANYTHING. To keep their sons safe.


Date Added: January 10, 2020


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