Big Ass Neighborhood Girl Finds Some Excitement In BIG BLACK DICK!

Aubrey lives with her parents in a very nice gated community in the suburbs. Its peaceful, calm, picturesque....the perfect little community...IF you were 70 years old, something Aubrey is DEFINITELY NOT. Aubrey is young

There are sooooo many old people in this neighborhood. The only young folks Aubrey sees are her fellow students at school and they are some REAL lames. It's driving Audrey crazy being so bored. The only things she does is cook (she's a helluva baker) and play with herself. Now both of those are fun, especially sticking toys in her tight, wet, young pussy. But it's been SOOOOO LONG since Aubrey had some actual dick, that the little toys and what not she has are quickly not becoming enough. She needs MORE.

After cumming, Aubrey was aimlessly flipping through the television when she heard a lot of commotion outside. Yes, commotion outside was the most exciting thing that had happened today. Aubrey jumped up and looked, thinking it was probably some old person getting some old people furniture delivered. It was indeed a furniture truck...but the furniture getting delivered was NOT going to some old fart. Aubrey rubbed her eyes and looked again, because she didn't think this was possible. It was a moving truck. And the movers were dressed in uniforms so it was easy to tell who they were and who the new neighbor was. And the new neighbor...the new neighbor was A YOUNG...SEXY...BLACK MAN. And he looks like a freak.

He was wearing basketball shorts and a tank top, and Aubrey could see his muscles and something else swinging between his legs. Even though she had just cum not too long ago...Aubrey's young tight pussy started to get VERY wet again.

Finally! Some excitement! Aubrey did a little dance in the kitchen, twerking her phat ass in excitement. Aubrey looks at her ass in the mirror (its always hanging out her short shorts, its so phat) and rubs her Spades tattoo softly. She'd gotten it as a dare because she was always talking about how much she LOVED black guys, even thought there were none in her little town. But now, one has fallen in her lap, with no wife, no lil brats (even though that wouldn't have stopped her) and apparently...A BIG BLACK DICK.

Aubrey took one last look out the window and then went straight to the kitchen. It was time to put her two talents to work: her cooking ability and her tight, young, wet white pussy. She was going to finally get some EXCITEMENT.


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