Landlord's Big Booty Daughter Takes BBC For The Culture!

My dad is the landlord at this building and he's always being a dick to the people who live here. I hear the complaints constantly: about how he never fixes things, how he harrasses people about the most mundane things, he's an ass.

When I was off in college for my freshman year, I learned about how people like my dad keep the working class down. They make sure that hard working people have to struggle day in and day out to survive. Its not right.

Recently I overheard my dad cussing out this young black guy who lives in the building. The guy-I think his name is Branden-is just a little late with his rent but my dad is acting like its the end of the world. My dad even threatened to evict the guy! He really needs to relax.

My professors in college say that if I dont speak out against injustice I've chosen the side of the oppressor. And what my dad is doing is injustice. So I'm definitely going to use my privilege to do something about this.

I might not be able to pay Branden's rent for him. But i can definitely talk to my dad...and I have something that I KNOW will take his mind off of his troubles for a little bit...

After me and Branden talk, I think my dad will learn to be a little nicer to his tenants...especially once he figures out that his little girl is going to be carrying a little bit of the working class in her belly for the next 9 months....


Date Added: November 5, 2019


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