Bored Housewife Finds EXCITEMENT In Puking All Over BBC!

Living the life that everyone expects is just so typical. Go to school, get a job, play the game right, get promoted, get married and be happy right? Sounds good in theory...but its not all its cracked up to be.

I've just been very...unfulfilled lately. At work, with my so called friends...but especially with my husband. He's just....I mean hes nice but hes just not....not what excites me right now.

I've been trying to distract myself by working all the time...but this just leaves me alone with my thoughts...and my computer...I never knew there was so much porn out there....never knew there was so much BIG BLACK COCK.

That BBC...thats what I need...I need to be treated like a slut...violently used for the pleasure of a black stallion...

I realize this now....but I'm still torn...I love my husband...and I know that he won't be okay with this...but my urges are just so hard to resist... So I think I've found the perfect solution. I've been watching this guy who lives in my building...and I think that I've seen him online...using white girls throats and their faces as washrags for his dirty asshole...and I NEED him to use I hope that I'm right....because if I don't get used soon....I just might explode.


Date Added: December 11, 2019


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