Don't Leave Your Unhappy Girlfriend Around Him...

Leah's been dating Carson for about 8 months now and to say its NOT going great would be an understatement. It wasn't like that at first. In the beginning, the relationship was going great. They always do. But then Carson got comfortable and you know what happens when guys get comfortable: his true personality came out!

Carson is everything a girl doesn't want in a boyfriend: rude, lazy, cheap, annoying, forgetful, dumb...the list goes on and on. Its hard for Leah to think of a reason why she's still with him. He's a good cuddler? That is when he's not farting in his sleep.

But Leah, ever the optimist, believes she can turn this relationship around. That's why she pushed and pushed for Carson to be ready for their date tonight. Carson said that he had a Lacrosse game but would be on time. Well Leah just got to the apartment where Carson and his roommate live and guess what time it is (date time) and guess who isn't here (Carson).

Carson texts Leah, letting her know he's going to be late (even though he promised he would be on time) and Leah's exasperation is much so that Carson's roommate, B, notices. And even he knows what's pissing her off. Carson! It's always Carson! It never stops with him. He irritates everybody!

Turns out that Carson's roommate is on the Carson hate train too. B says that Carson is messy and doesn't pay his rent, which prompts Leah to start complaining about Carson again...which gives Leah a naughty idea....


Date Added: November 30, 2020


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