Sera's Tight Teen Pussy Makes Me Forget All About My Ex!

Relationships are hard bro. I been in a few and they can get really good or really bad. Well this last one I had with this bitch Jennifer? Lets just say it didn't go good. I'm glad it ended quick before I got deeper in there tho.

You wouldn't guess that we had only been datin for like 4 months. I got a key to her spot and left hella stuff there too. Bitch loved when I spent the night.

So I let myself in, packing up all my stuff, when outta nowhere, Jennifer roommate Sera charge in the room bout to bust me in the head with a space heater! As if this day couldn't get even more weird!

After I calm this lil girl down, me and Sera get to talkin. And turns out, besides not knowin that me and Jennifer broke up, there's a lot of other stuff that Sera didn't know about her bitch ass roommate.

Like how jealous she was of the attention that Sera got. Pretty girl made her insecure AF...and I can see why. Sera cute AF wit a phat lil booty and the sexiest, most seductive smile. And I'm ngl....Jennifer DEF caught me checkin Sera out before...she was mad AFFFFFF!

When I was with Jennifer, I couldn't do nothin but look at Sera...thinkin bout her lookin up at me as she drained my dick...about her tight her lil teenage pussy is...but now that me and Jennifer broke up...I can do more than just look...


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