Brace Face Teen Gives Up Her Young Pussy For A Good Cause!

Its that time of year again! A time where we celebrate with family and friends, with good food and great beverages. Its a time of happiness and joy....but this time of year isn't great for everyone...

There's families living in poverty, families who can't afford to make the most of this time of year. And that fact really makes little Aria unhappy. 

Aria has always been a sensitive little girl with a big heart. Always being helpful and lending a hand even when she isn't asked. So when Aria found out her high school started a student group designed to help the less fortunate, she was first in line to get in there!

The work the group did by itself was very fulfilling...but it could also be very competitive too. You see, the group was ALSO offering students who raised the most money a very lucrative college scholarship! And with Aria about to graduate in just a few short months, that money would REALLY come in handy. But (and this should come as no surprise) every girl in the group is out there trying to earn the scholarship money. And even though Aria is working really hard and helping a lot of people, she still isn't in first place. Suzie and Jessica are collecting more donations than her and its not fair. They don't even NEED a scholarship! Aria just knows those two are doing something bad to earn all that money!

With time running out, Aria is canvassing for donations in a really nice neighborhood and she's feeling lucky! She's gotten a few people at this fancy condo to do donations already. Aria knocks on her 4th door and a handsome black guy answers. "Oh he looks nice!" she thinks, before flashing her cutest smile, putting her braces on full display! 

Aria doesn't know it yet...but she did indeed get lucky. Because the door she knocked on belongs to a guy named Branden. A kinky guy. And Branden's kink is cute little girls with braces. The minute Aria flashed her metal mouth smile...Branden's dick started to get hard. He thought about that mouth slurping on his big black cock...his BBC sliding in her TIGHT young pussy...and he knew that he was DEFINITELY going to give little Aria a very BIG she'll be reminded of in about 9 months.


Date Added: December 24, 2019


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