Naive Blonde Helps Black Stranger Into Her Asshole!

So me and my folks just moved into this new town and it's wayyyyy different from the hood I'm used to. 1st off it's fuckin clean. No trash blowin down the streets like tumble weed, no addicts running around...shii's nice. And the people kinda nice too! Smiling, sayin hi, askin if I need help...police rolled past and just smiled and waved at me! Like WTF??? People don't even lock they doors at night! Feel like I'm in the fuqin twilight zone.

Issa nice place to live...and to make some money. Cuz if people THIS fuqin nice, its only one thing to do....scam they asses!

And scamming em is exactly what I been doin. Cuz these white folks love helpin out underprivileged young black men!

Shii been going well for a while...but today mite be my best day ever. I went to this new neighborhood on the other side of town (air even smelled cleaner wtf)...and the 1st spot I went to...this pretty lil pint size white bitch answered the door. CUTE AFFFF bro! Blonde eyes...ass phat AF too. exact type of bitch I beat my meat too. She was perky and happy...and innocent...and naive...bitch invited a strange black man right in her house. Ionthink she knew wat i was thinkin when I saw her. Ima give you a hint. It involved my fat black dick. And her tight lil white asshole.

Get this. She said her name was Bella Jane but her friend's call her BJ. Best believe I'm bout to get a BJ...and more. She said her parent's aren't home. She's all alone. And my dick gettin hard. This little slut about to give me everything she got.


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