I Have The Nastiest Dreams!😊

Ionkno if its wat I been eatin, if its the energy I been around or wat...but the dreams I been havin this week are CRAZY!!!

I'm def not complainin tho. My dreams bomb AF. Cuz in these dreams...I feel everything. It's like some alternate super virtual reality type ish.

Iondream about superpowers or being president or shii nah. I dream about big booty white bitches.

Last dream I had had a big booty blonde white bitch in it. Guess who was in this one? A BIG BOOTY BLONDE WHITE BITCH! I'M LIT!

This big booty blonde white bitch tho...she was a lil different....a lil nasty...she made sure a niqqa had a wet fuqn dream!

Date Added: November 13, 2022


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