Ima Take My Arabic Girlfriend's Virginity🧕🏻

Me and Jezebeth have been dating for about 6 months now📅. She pretty asl and she got a PHAT ASS👸🏻🍑...but she still ain't let me fuq😩

Nooooo it's not cuz I haven't tried. Ass too phat to not try my guy. But Jezebeth and her parents religious🛐. I barely see her on Friday. She wear her hijab all the time, covering up all that pretty hair🧕🏻 Niqqa can't even get no throat from them pretty lips she got. And she def don't be tryna let me get sum pussy👎🏿

Every time it's "no we have to wait til we get married!"💍 Nah fuq that. A niqqa need sum pussy NOW. I KNOW that virgin pussy she got tight asl🤤 And that phat bubble bouncin while that tight virgin pussy squeezing my diq???? 🥵🥵BRUUUUHHHHH! I will NOT pull out🚫🙅🏿‍♂️

But 1st I got to get in😤 But I got faith🙏🏿 I'ma corrupt my good...pure...Arabic girlfriend. I need that purity. So I'ma take her virginity. This bitch love me too??? Bet. Just a matter of time before a niqqa clappin cheeks✊🏿💦


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