I Would Never Cheat On You Baby...

My boyfriend, Garrison Miles Phillips the 3rd, is so fuckin clingy. Always talking about his stupid family and money. You'd think with all this money and that long name he would be more confident. But he's not. He's an insecure little dick loser. And he's really starting to piss me off.

Every second he's texting me. And if I don't respond in 5 minutes...another text. And if I don't respond to that. He calls. Again. And again. And again. I can't take it.

I mean I can understand WHY he's so jealous. We haven't had sex in forever. I'm always on my phone...texting...I'm sure he's caught a glimpse of some of the names....he asked who Branden was the other day and I had to tell him he was a friend from high school who was in town. Then he got so jealous and angry and sad all at the same time. He's so pathetic.

And the truth is Branden is just a friend from high school...a friend with a BIG BLACK COCK. One that I NEED in my mouth...in my pussy...in my asshole.

Maybe if Garrison had a BBC like Branden then I would answer his calls more...spend more time with him...just do...more.

But he doesn't. He has a small dick. And he's annoying. And like I said, I am sick of it. But he doesn't know that. There are some perks to dating lil Garrison. So tonight, I told him that me and the girls were hanging out. But actually...I'm hanging out with Branden. I even told Branden to bring that mask he always used to wear. If lil Garrison wants to be jealous so bad...let me give him something to be jealous about.


Date Added: June 24, 2020


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