Pretty Little Teen Learns Not To Talk To Strangers!

Reese is supposed to be meeting her friend Rebecca tonight.. But it just so happens that Rebecca completely screwed up the time and is now going to be over an hour late.

Reese lives far AF. She can't exactly go home and come back. So she's just gonna chill.

There's just one problem....Her phone is about to run out of battery.

Reese has Tik Toks to post. IG stories t upload...her phone CANNOT run out of battery. She's an hour away from home!

Fortunately for of her friend's neighbors sees her in the hallway...and he has a phone charger that he's happy to let her use.

Unfortunately for Reese, this neighbor is a little psycho....and he has a thing for pretty little girls like Reese...He doesn't care that she's a good little girl who doesn't date boys. He doesn't care that she's never had BBC before.

All he cares about is shoving big black dick deep in her extra tight pussy. Jamming BBC in her lil mouth and down her throat.

BBC Virgin No More.


Date Added: February 21, 2022


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