Lana's Sloppy, Gaping Hole Stretching Nightmare!

Ever since the month started, its been happening again. The dreams. They always start the same. Total blackness. The darkness is everywhere. So deep. It touches everything.

And then the bumpiness. The shaking. The feeling of being thrown around. The feeling of pain. Of stretching. Of pounding. Pain...and pleasure.

Its become so frequent, so intense that Lana's started seeing a psychiatrist that her neighbor recommended. The psychiatrist, Dr. Richards stays close by. And he immediately makes Lana feel comfortable. There's something about him that seems so....familiar. Lana wants to open up to him immediately.

And she will. In many ways. The dreams she's been having of the blackness...the stretching...the pounding...THE PAIN. It's not just a dream. It's a premonition. And its about to happen. Dr. Richards is about to violate his patient's asshole with his fat black dick. He's gonna stretch it out and pound it down. And while her pussy is safe.....hes gonna do some fuqd up things to her throat.

It's about to be a long night.


Date Added: October 13, 2021


210 Pics, 61 min of video


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