Ass Phat But Her Throat Wet & Leakin Everywhere!πŸ’¦

Some of the best and worst jobs the ones where you got to work late AF.

It can be the best job ever cuz most people sleep at 4am. So don't nobody bother you usually. You can sleep, watch movies, shii I beat my meat a few times during the night shift!

But when somebody need somethin? It's the worst shii. Because it's ALWAYS something complicated.

Today it's 4am and this the 7th message I got tonight!!! When its sumthin its sumthin I swear! Now this bitch said her dishwasher broke.

A dishwasher broke at 2am? Why the fuq u washing dishes at 2am??

I guess it don't matter at this point. I'm wide awake.

Woulda woke up regardless once I seen the big booty bitch open the door. Her ass so juicy. Bet it feel soft asl.

Lemme see if I can stop watever leakin goin on....

Date Added: January 23, 2024


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