Phat Ass Big Titty White Bitch Got A New Job!✊🏿πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ˆ

Another year, another increase in profit.

Yessir! Business is booming! So much that all this xtra bread just been sittin there for too long.

Mite as well put it to use rite?

That's exactly what I did. Already running one business so I mite as well make it 2!

Thats why I opened up a restaurant! I love food and this a good way to make even more bread!

At least thats what I thought. Things look like they goin good. We always busy and supply prices low. So why the bread not adding up??? Shii giving me a headache.

I think I mite have a reason. The manager April. She the only one who got access to those accounts besides me.

She a great AF too. Thick ass white bitch. Big ass, big ass titties...thats prolly why I aint see all this money missing, I was distracted by this sexy white bitch.

But the bread come first. So me and April need to have a talk. That conversation should be enough to take care of these headaches....

Date Added: February 8, 2024


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