Massive 48 Inch Ass Is Makin WAY Too Much Noise!

Being a landlord isn't what I thought I would be when I was growing up. I mean...who thinks that? Everyone wants to be a football player or a rapper or a doctor or something like that. Something that'll make the ladies throw themselves at you!

Landlord definitely doesn't fit that description. The only thing thrown at me is work, bills and headaches. Gotta deal with people not payin their rent, repairs, people fucking up the building, and people just being fuckin annoying. You don't realize how annoying people are until you gotta work with them everyday. And these tenants are just irritating and inconsiderate AF. Just nasty. 

Take this girl Alexis. I been getting so many complaints about her. Parents complain about her outfits cuz she be walking with her ass hanging out half the time. I certainly don't mind that, but the noise complaints? That's another big one I keep getting about her. And there's so much of it, I gotta deal with it. 

I don't know what she got going on, but according to these complaints, there's loud music, yelling, screaming, things falling down...all I know is that its a lot going on at random times of the day and the night and she really needs to chill with all that.

I'm not in a good mood cuz this is like the 7th complaint I've got this week. This week! How are you gonna have these crazy parties all week???? Don't you work? So today, I got to give this lady an ultimatum. End the parties or she's gonna get evicted. If I get one more complaint, she's out. And nothing is gonna change my mind.


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