Guess Who's Back In Town?

So here I am, just smokin, chillin, watchin TV....when I get a random knock on my door. It's kinda late so I'm like...who TF is this???

The cops? The opps??? My mind racing, but when I answer the door....I see a very familiar face!

My girl Melody Parker! Broooooooo I missed Melody sooooo much! Me & her got hella history. I remember back when she had just turned 18, I was datin with her older sister...until one day when I came over lookin for her sister...the only person there was sweet innocent lil Melody....

I put every inch of my big black dick in her tight teenage pussy over & over again...until Melody went off to college. She was gone for a lil bit....but apparently her school on Spring break right when she got back to town, one of her 1st stops was at my spot.

And lemme tell you...I was happy AF to see her! She still cute AF wit those pretty blue eyes...but one things changed....whatever they feedin these young girls in college went STRAIGHT to her ass. When she was in high school her ass was big but now??? That shii is phat AFFFFFF!

Lookin at that big ass white booty...thinkin bout the way she used to throat my meat...all this got my dick hard AFFFF.

Had to invite Melody already know me & her got A LOT to catch up on...


Date Added: March 23, 2021


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