Mia Really Shouldn't Have Let Him Inside The House...

***Watch Barely Legal Mia Kay Take Her Very 1st BBC EVER*****

Mia Kay is home alone bored and has no idea wat to do. Mite as well watch scary movies! Her father NEVER lets her watch them...but he isn't home. So Mia turns off the lights and turns up the volume....but 30 minutes into the movie, and Mia is regretting her decision. This movie is REALLY scary. But the movie is NOTHING compared to real life.

You see...if Mia's parents were home, they would have had her watch the news instead of that scary movie. And if Mia was watching the news...she would know that the police have been warning people about someone doing...things...to people in her neighborhood. This person seems to have an appetite for cute young white girls. Girls like Mia. He's been watching her. Watching her through the window while he beats his thick, swollen big black dick. He knows her parents are out of town. He knows that she's all alone.

What he doesn't know is that Mia Kay is a good girl. And good girls don't have sex. Yep. Mia Kay is intact. She has NEVER been with a black guy before. Branden doesn't know this juicy detail yet. But once he finds a way to get inside her house...and pull down those cute lil panties she's wearing he's going to find out. Because the second Branden's long THICK big black dick slides inside Mia Kay's tight...wet...unspoiled white pussy...he's going to know. He's gonna kno by that grip that he's taking her BBC virginity.

Mia's found something to do. It's going to be a fun night.


Date Added: December 8, 2021


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