My Brace Face Stepsister Finally Gets The Punishment She Deserves!

My dad getting married and making us move into a new house on the other side of the country sucked ASS. All my fuckin friends, all my spots...gone. For some small town in suburbia. Do you know how hard it is to find a barber who cuts black people hair in the country???? I was mad as fuck, but my dad did it for love.

Yep, the old man finally decided to get married. And who did he marry? A pretty white lady. She cool. She don't be in my business, she try to be woke, and all that. I kinda like her. What I didn't know before we had moved though was that this white lady had a daughter. And that daughter's name is Athena. And bad as fuck.

I mean that in two ways. She's fuckin cute as hell, but she also be gettin in hella trouble. She always be gettin in trouble for skippin school, always be arguing with her mom about some dumb shit and I KNOW she be letting some of these lame high school boys get in her lil pussy. I seen some weirdo mask in her laundry. Lil girl a freak.

We been living together for about a year...and I been watchin her. She doesn't know I know this, but she likes walkin around naked...wit her phat lil booty just bouncing around...her nipples are always hard...and her cute lil smile....she be makin my dick sooooo hard. I know her teachers in high school have the same problems focusing. Lil girl is jailbait.

I been waiting for the right opportunity to get see whats up with her. Cuz I know her lil teenage pussy is tight. I know its wet. I know its good. She's always out doing some dumb shit tho. But I think I've found the perfect opportunity.

You see, last night I heard her arguing wit her moms again. Mom said don't go out and if she did, she was gonna get grounded for life. And what did I hear after midnight? This bad lil girl sneaking out the house. Athena knows that she can't get caught this time. And she's really good about sneaking back in. But I know her routine. I know exactly how she's gonna try to sneak back in the house. And I'm gonna be waiting for her. And when she comes back...she's gonna find her big stepbrother waiting for her. And I know she's gonna be scared...nervous...desperate. But don't worry lil sister. I'm sure we'll be able to work something out....


Date Added: January 18, 2020


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