I can't STAND my stepbrother! Ever since our parents got married, he's been always getting in trouble, stealing stuff, harrassing my friends, and just being a asshole. I was telling my homegirl about all the shit he be doing when I heard something. I got up to go look and its this knucklehead with a TV he stole. He's always bringing drama to our house, and I'm sick of it. So I told him that I was gonna tell his dad on him. He...he didn't like that too much. He grabbed me by the neck and made me get on my knees...and then he pulled his fat dick out! I've heard him fucking other girls in our house when our parents aren't home and he flashed me a couple weeks ago so I knew it was big...and I was scared. I didn't want to suck it, but he kept slapping me, and rammed it in my mouth and he REALLY fucked my face hard. He made me GAG on his big dick a few times...and he kept going after I threw up! Seeing me get really messy seemed to make him more excited. I promised I wouldn't tell anybody but he didn't believe me. He said he had to punish me to make sure I didn't tell nobody. He grabbed my face and put it right in his ASS! I couldn't believe he made me lick his black ass! He told me to spit in it, put my tongue in it, all types of nasty shit. He cleaned his ass with my face. But he wasn't done. He kept moving me around, fucking my face and making me lick his ass, until he couldn't take it anymore. He was forcing my head down on his big thick dick when he busted a huge nut in my mouth! I couldnt believe it he did that to me. But I don't want to make him mad again, so I'm not gonna tell....

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