Gotta Play With His Balls To Make Him Play Ball!

Basketball playoff season the best time of the year. You got exciting games, drama, records being broken, history being made. All makes for good TV...and good money if u kno wat you're doing. 

Kiki is somebody that knows what she's doing. She's always liked her some balls and shes happy. So it made sense for her to start putting some money on these games. And lately she been raking it in.

She's got a big bet on a couple of games tonight and she's looking forward to seeing the money roll in with every rebound, 3 pointer and free throw made as she watches the game with her friend Stephanie tonight.

But when Kiki gets to Stephanie's place, she's a lil surprised to see Stephanie's brother, Derek there. You see, Derek is a basketball player....and he's supposed to be playing TONIGHT. He lowkey supposed to be at the arena practicing! But when Kiki gets there, he's just sittin on the couch. Chillin.

That is definitely NOT what Kiki wanted to see. She got hella money on this game, and if Derek's not on his A game, she's gonna lose A LOT of money. But as far as Derek's concerned, if you stay ready you don't have to get ready...and he feel like he ready! Now Kiki doesn't feel that way...Kiki thinks that Derek could be even more ready...and there might be a way for her to get him to that point....


Date Added: July 6, 2021


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