Her Tiny Asshole Says Thank You To Black Monster Dick!

Sandra has NOT been having a good day.

She hasn't been having a good week, actually. You see, Sandra scheduled a vacation to the United States while flights were cheap. She probably would have been better off at home. The first 3 days she was there, it rained. And once it stopped raining, most everything she wanted to do and everywhere she wanted to go is closed. And while she was walking around, finding out everything was closed, she lost her wallet. With all her IDS and all her credit cards. Not a good day at all.

But as she was panicking in her room, she got a call from the front desk. Someone had found her wallet, saw the hotel key card in it and came to the hotel to drop it off! And they were heading up to her room now!

Sandra, naturally, is elated! Her vacation is saved! A huge weight has lifted off her! Smiling, Sandra opens the door to see her savior, a large, African American man.

Now she had heard all sorts of things about Americans and the things going on in America....violence, riots, crime....But this particular American had come across town to return her wallet when he didn't have to. He was definitely going to get a reward from her!


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