She Asked Me To Come Over & Chill...

If Kacie had known her husband would become so damn irritating, she definitely would have stayed single.

Its the same thing every day. All he talks about is work and its one complaint after another after another. You'd think she was a therapist, not a wife, the way he expects her to always say the right things to make him feel better.

And its funny that he always expects her to listen to him when he never listens to her or attends to her needs. Kacie hasn't been properly fucked in forever. Its the same vanilla tame 2 minute sex every time. Thats not what Kacie needs at all.

What Kacie needs is to be treated like a slut. Like a whore. To be used like a fucktoy. To be gagged and choked and slapped. She needs it to hurt her throat and her pussy. She needs what her husband definitely cannot provide.

But fortunately...Kacie knows somebody who can give her what she needs...with no complaints.


Date Added: March 15, 2021


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