Being A Good Neighbor Means Blowing My Dick & Cleaning My Ass!

Bro I cannot wait to move! I was feelin this condo at first, but these dudes been trippin! They always giving out fines for playing music too loud, elevators always broke, they complaining about the smell from smoking and they keep fuckin up my mail!

Worst part, they nosy AF. I'm pretty sure that them seeing me with a camera along with a different half naked fine ass girl walkin around every few days has got them puttin two and two together. Every time the lady at the front desk gives me the evil eye like I'm face fuckin her daughter. She keep lookin at me crazy and I will.

I already put in some applications, and I'm just sittin here tryna stay sane. But this building just won't stop fuckin wit me!

I had ordered some stuff a few days ago and was wondering if I was gonna have to yell at somebody for losing another package when I got a knock on my door. And when I opened it....a sexy, sexy mami. The sexy mami from the apartment a few floors below! I remember seein her a few times, wondering what them sexy lips feel like.

So this sexy lady is holding a package...and I was waiting for a package...and that package is open...and inside that package...I don't even need to see it. It's one of my masks. And the way she lookin at me....I think I know where this is going....


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