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You've messed up honey. Once again. Oh don't give me that stupid pathetic look you fuckin moron. That's right. I know all about the little bimbo that you've been flirting with at work. Did you really think you could keep that secret from me? My friends tell me every day about how you're drooling over this new girl. But guess what? She doesn't like you. Look at you. She can tell how small your dick is. Shes disgusted by you.

And you know what? Im disgusted by you too. I've tolerated you because of your money. Because that is the only thing you have going for you. You're fat, ugly, stupid and I dont need you. I dont want you. I dont love you. But you know what I want? What I've ALWAYS wanted? BIG. BLACK. DICK. That's right. Something you dont have. Something you can't buy.

Meet Branden honey. He works in your office building. I know you noticed him. He's bigger, stronger and way hotter than you. And you know what I'm going to do to Branden. I'm going to drain his cock and balls. I'm going to worship his black body in a way I have and will NEVER do for you.

I bet you'd like to share this with me wouldn't you? Share this BIG BLACK COCK. Taste the sweet precum from his bulging black balls. It's better than any of those vitamins you take honey. After he fucks my face and turns me into a slobbering can clean off the juices dripping down my face...clean up all the tears and spit and precum like the little worm you are. Better than any of those vitamins you take.

And to reward you for being a good boy? Im going to give you a kiss....right after I stick my tongue and my lips in his sweaty, dirty, nasty black asshole. He works so much harder than you at work honey. He has that manly musky smell everywhere. His ass and balls get so wet with sweat. And he didn't have time to shower before he got here. Which means his dirty black ass will taste sooooo good when I tongue kiss you.

So sit back honey bunny! Relax. Try to control that tiny little shrimp in your pants as you watch a real man put his big black bull cock in my sweet little mouth. Oh and please try not to dribble on yourself as you watch me clean his filthy asshole with my tongue. I know how quickly you climax. Ill make sure my wedding ring gets plenty of cum and ass juice on it to symbolize our new beginning. Because honey...this is your new normal.


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